5 Self-Dates to Treat Yo’ Self Right

We prioritize dates and plans with everyone in our lives but ourselves - here are 5 self-date ideas to treat yo' self.
Self Date

We prioritize date nights with bae, we schedule weekend brunch dates with our BFFS and plan visits with family, but often our solo time is spent haphazardly spreading a face mask on our dehydrated skin and binge watching Friends for the 5th time in a row. But really – we deserve better than that. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, there is something truly relaxing about time spent with yourself. Self-dates are the best way to reconnect with yourself and do something that you enjoy, alone.

If alone time is something you’re still not 100% crazy about, hopefully these romantic self-date ideas will inspire you to cancel some unneeded plans and prioritize your you time.

1. Spa Date

Is there anything better than treating yourself like royalty? Treat yourself to a spa date with a massage or facial or head to your favourite nail salon for a much-needed mani-pedi. Stillwater Spa is in the heart of downtown and the perfect place to unwind and disconnect from everything – so you can reconnect with yourself.

2. Movie Date

Going to the movies is always a fun date, but especially with a self-date.

One of the best solo nights out is a classic movie date. You get to choose the movie, there’s no compromise on finding your perfect seat in the house, and best of all – you don’t have to share your extra buttery movie theatre popcorn.

3. Road-trip Date

A mini road-trip is the best self-date to adventure and reconnect.

Download your favourite new podcast episodes and throwback jams and hit the road for this self-date. Choose a destination, maybe check out our guide to our Favourite Day Trips from YYC – or head to Canmore for a pastry, take in the views and enjoy some peace and quiet with the best date – Mother Nature.

4. Dinner Date

Making yourself dinner is an incredible self-date.

What would be your dream meal for a date night? Make it for yourself! Choose a delicious, labor intensive meal or an old crave-worthy nostalgic classic and go for it. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favourite music and enjoy the process. Set the table, light a candle and savour every bite – sans netflix.

4. Drinks and Dessert Date

Treat yourself right by skipping the main course and taking yourself on a dessert date. Get dressed up to cheers to your independence and indulge in a delectable dessert. A few of our favourite Drink/Dessert combos in the city would be the Coconut Cooler and the Baked Hula at Lulu Bar. An Espresso Martini and the London Fog Verrine at Major Tom Bar or the Chai Old Fashioned at Calcutta Cricket Club with their Chocolate Brownie. Yes please. Here’s to many more dessert self-dates to come.

If you’ve already been on way too many self-dates lately and looking to spice things up with the best people in your life – check out our guide to 10 Fun BFF Date ideas!

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