5 Spectacular Stargazing Spots in Nova Scotia

Stargazing Spots Article

Watching the stars, moon and planets shine at night is one of the most romantic date ideas! Grab a cozy blanket, a warm drink and a special someone to check out the Top 5 Stargazing Spots in Nova Scotia:


Located right in the heart of Halifax, Citadel Hill watches over the city’s downtown core making it one of the most perfect stargazing spots to visit without travelling too far. This National Historic Site is located on a high hilltop and offers you amazing views of Halifax and the twinkling stars above. 


The Dingle Tower pictured at a distance across the lake in the late evening.

Located on the Northwest Arm, Sir Sanford Fleming Park is a 95-acre urban oasis with woodlands, ponds, walking trails and the iconic Dingle Tower. Enjoy an evening picnic in the park followed by a night of finding your favourite constellations. 


Located less than an hour from Halifax, Peggy’s Cove is one of Nova Scotia’s largest tourist attractions and for good reason. In fact, the Peggy’s Point lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in all of Canada! Enjoy the calm of the surrounding ocean in this picturesque fishing village while you lay back and watch the stars. 


Lawrencetown Beach may be known for having some of the best waves for surfing here on the East Coast but it’s also an amazing spot for stargazing! Set away from the city lights, this beach is the perfect place to lay back on the sand and watch the moon reflect on the ocean waves. 


Fisherman’s Cove is a quaint 200-year old fishing village located just a 20-minute drive from Halifax. Spend an evening strolling along the boardwalk, visiting local shops and restaurants and watching the stars light up the night sky.

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