5 Things You Need to Know This Week

From Taylor Swift's new album to the Sexiest Man Alive, here's what you need to know this week.


1. Reputation


Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s racing towards the top of the Billboards. Her 6th studio album, Reputation, sold over a million copies in the last four days since it was released. We wouldn’t expect anything less, her last four albums surpassed the million copies mark in the first week (the only album that surpasses her is Adele’s 25 in 2015). Her pop sound that she developed on her last album is in full force on Reputation and we’re obsessed. It has bold beats, catchy lyrics and all the saucy insults, revenge one-liners and romantic storyline. Shortly after, T Swift announced the Reputation tour which will only be stopping in Toronto, but we’re thinking of a getaway car headed to the 6.



2. Sexiest Man Alive


People Magazine just released their 2017 list of the sexiest men alive and the winner is… Blake Shelton. He took the crown from The Rock, last year’s winner and the Internet can’t decide if this was the best decision, wondering out loud if everyone else died. He won the People’s title and cover, not because he has a chiseled jaw or huge muscles but because he is approachable and women find that alluring. He is funny, charming, relatable and adaptable. And no one can resist a man who wants you to name the babies, while he names the dogs.



3. Powering Past Coal


Canada has joined 22 other countries and 2 American States in the effort to combat global warming by phasing out the use of coal. Environment ministers said the international alliance, Powering Past Coal, hopes to phase out coal before 2030. The alliance was kicked off by Britain, Canada and the Marshall Islands and is an extension of the 2015 Paris Agreement and will use technology to reduce emissions, such as carbon capture and storage, and encouraging the rest of the world to cut usage. To meet the Paris Agreement of staying below two degrees its necessary for as many countries as possible to phase out coal from it’s energy source.




4. Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe military leaders have seized control of the Southern African country on Tuesday and have put President Robert Mugabe under house arrest. Robert Mugabe, who is 93, is the world’s oldest leader and was unable to leave his house where army troops were positioned. An army spokesman denied military control but the whole thing looks like a coup is underway as armored vehicles roam the capital, Harare. So how did this all happen? Two weeks ago Mugabe fired his powerful Vice President and it looked like he was going to appoint his wife, Grace Mugabe as his successor. She’s not that popular within the party’s old guard but the ex-VP is, hence the military takeover. The people of Zimbwawe say things are pretty calm, most people are staying home and the only issue is long lines at the bank. During his reign, Mugabe pushed the country into poverty, so maybe this isn’t a bad thing?




5. Ross 128


NASA has been busy and they’ve found a potentially alien-inhabited planet only 11 light years away from the Sun (which apparently is close in space terms). Apparently, the newly found exoplanet has temperatures that could host life as we know it according to researchers in a new study that will appear in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. The bonus is that it orbits a quiet star that would burst out life-ending radiation. It hasn’t been determined if living on that planet is actually doable because atmosphere tests haven’t been done yet.




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