5 Top Lakes to Hit Near YYC This Summer

Start looking at new swimsuits online now, because it's going to be a long, hot summer here in YYC.

Our weather may be taking a slight dip in temperature this weekend, but get ready for that plus 25-degree heat again next week. Yes, it’s already the month of JUNE somehow. Text your gals and plan a lake weekend, because this spring is already flying by. Here are our top five picks depending on your availability:

Sikome Lake

Bask in the sunshine on the water’s edge right in our very own Calgary, Alberta. Find Sikome Lake in Fishcreek Park, a little haven of beach lover’s delight complete with change rooms, a beach volleyball court, bike racks, drop-in programs, a beach shop and ample parking. There is a small $5 admission fee for adults, but what wouldn’t you pay to feel the warm sand under those toes?! The gates are open from 10am-7pm daily so head on down during your lunch break, your afternoon off, or – heck – for the whole, damn day.

Sylvan Lake

Drive an hour and forty-five minutes north of the city and you’ll find the laid-back, beach town of Sylvan Lake. This lakeside community is full of ice cream shops, hobby stores, sporting goods and boat rentals so you’re bound to enjoy your stay. Walk the boardwalk to get a feel for the town, lay on the pier to get your tan on or try out their new, epic water park!


Buffalo Lake

Find this large lake up near Stettler, approximately two and a half hours from Calgary. Enjoy a day, a weekend, a week – however long suits your fancy – to camp, swim, boat, canoe, fish, water ski, you name it. This multi-purpose lake is surrounded by three provincial recreation areas, permanent homes, campgrounds and cabins for rent, so you can choose whatever is right for your gang.

Lake Windermere

Three hours from Calgary, you’ll find the cute beach town of Invermere, British Columbia. This happens to be one of the warmest and largest lakes in the Kootenays – anybody else packing up already? Whether you’re ready to camp in the sand or rent a lakeside Airbnb, Invermere has got it all.  We are fortunate enough to live in a city that brings us 2,396 hours of sunshine annually – Lake Windermere has approximately 2,000 hours, so there’s a good chance it’ll be warm and sunny when you arrive, sunglasses in hand. Pack your suit, a towel, some beach bevies and hit the road, girls!


Lake Koocanusa

Ok, we know that four and a half hours is getting a bit far away, but we promise it’s worth it. Lake Koocanusa spans 150 kilometres and even crosses the Canada-US border. This lake is not only warm, but pristine and absolutely stunning when it comes to views over the water, the trees and the prairie/mountainous landscapes. Stay on the Canadian side for a local, wilderness experience or drive across the border for cheap beer and outlet shopping malls in Eureka. Whether you’re into paddleboats, powerboats, houseboats or rowboats, all are welcome here on this long, warm, beautiful lake.


Start looking at new swimsuits online now, because it’s going to be a long, hot summer here in YYC!

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