5 Trails with Scenic Lookouts Around Ottawa


We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much natural beauty here in the nation’s capital. There is no shortage of trails, hikes, and viewpoints to explore year round. All of this natural beauty is even more outstanding during the upcoming fall season! As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, vibrant colours can be seen all over the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Continue reading to see what made our list for 5 trails with scenic lookouts around Ottawa.

1. Pink Lake Trail

Gatineau Park, Quebec
Duration: 1 Hour

Pink Lake is an outstanding lake located in Gatineau Park. It has a three-season trail (closed during the winter) and a lookout point as well. Please bear in mind that the following are not permitted at Pink Lake: pets, swimming, and boats.

The Pink Lake Trail is a 2.3-km loop around the lake, which includes various sets of stairs and wooden platforms. Don’t let the name of this lake fool you though, the lake is actually green in colour! We love that this lake gets even more green in colour towards the end of September!

Pink Lake Lookout

2. Eagle’s Nest Trail

Calabogie, Ontario
Duration: 45 Minutes

Eagle’s Nest is a very popular 2.7 kilometer loop trail located near Calabogie, Ontario. It is considered to be a moderate level hike. We love the Eagle’s Nest Lookout during fall as it provides incredible views of the Calabogie forest and a small lake below. 

The trail is accessible year-round and dogs are permitted on this trail but must be kept on a leash. Although the trail and lookout are open 24/7 we strongly recommend going early in the morning to avoid crowds. Additionally, this trail is rocky and has a decent amount of tree roots so we recommend proper hiking shoes to make your hiking experience more comfortable. Don’t forget to pack snacks or a picnic as there are many spots at the lookout point where you can grab a seat and take in the sweet views! 

3. Champlain Lookout Trail

Gatineau Park, Quebec
Duration: 30 Minutes

Champlain Lookout is very beautiful and marks the start of the Champlain Lookout trail. It looks over Gatineau Park and beyond. Despite the Champlain trail being short, it offers great views, a low-key walk through the woods, and a peaceful spot to have lunch with your date.

Champlain Lookout was under repair for the last 2 years or so due to the stone wall barrier collapsing in 2019. This has since been repaired and the lookout is fully open again. However, if the lookout is busy, there are other viewpoints along the trail where you can stop and snap some cute Insta photos! Lastly, don’t forget to bring along your furry friend as dogs are allowed on this trail but must be on a leash.

4. King Mountain Trail

Gatineau Park, Quebec
Duration: 1 Hour

This trail is a 42 minute drive from Ottawa. It is a 1.8 kilometer loop trail located in Gatineau Park near Chelsea, Quebec. This loop trail is fantastic for hikers of any skill level. It is very popular, features a river, and is best from May until November. Please note that dogs and other pets are not allowed at King Mountain at this time.

The hilly landscape surrounding King Mountain is part of the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is one of the oldest and hardest rock formations in the whole world. How cool is that?! There are several viewpoints offering an array of breathtaking panoramas on this trail. We really hope that you will add this trail to your list of places to visit!

King Mountain viewpoint in early fall

5. Mer Bleue

Ottawa, Ontario
Duration: 1 Hour

Mer Bleue rounds out our list of 5 trails with scenic lookouts around Ottawa. It is a 20 minute drive from downtown Ottawa. Gates open at 8 AM each day and close at sunset, however, they close at 9 PM sharp during summer. Mer Bleu consists of a 1.2 kilometre boardwalk. You can also see forests, sand ridges in the summer, and cross-country ski trails in the winter. It truly offers something for everyone.

This 7,700 year old bog is the largest bog and natural area in Canada’s Capital Region. If you are a lover of nature, Mer Bleu is the habitat for many rare species of bids, plants, and other wildlife. It is a wildlife photographer’s dream!! If we haven’t convinced you yet, they also offer a number of picnic tables to make dining easier and more comfortable for visitors. We think that you should pack up the car and make sure to visit this fall!

We hope that you enjoyed our list of 5 trails with scenic lookouts around Ottawa to explore this coming fall.


Happy adventuring!


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