5 Unique Winter Activities Around YYC

We dare you to turn off the TV and try one of these date ideas instead!

You finally get the same day off as your date – so what do you do? There’s always the classic winter suggestions like skating, tobogganing or drinking hot chocolate while you binge-watch the newest Netflix creation. However, why not dazzle your date with a unique experience and try something new instead? We dare you to turn off the TV and try one of these date ideas instead!

Visit the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

263156 Range Rd 53, Cochrane

Meet these beautiful, part-dog, part-wolf creatures within the safety of a sanctuary where they are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed when possible. The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary is currently home to 23 wolfdogs, anywhere from young pups to 9-year-olds. In 2011, Alberta became home to one of the only sanctuaries to balance educational programs with a highly successful adoption program. Today you can take a tour of the facility to learn about wolfdogs and help raise awareness for these gorgeous animals. Whether you want to adopt, donate or simply learn about their history, book your tour today!


Concert in a Cave

129 Bow Meadows Crescent, Canmore

Yes, you read that right. Explore one of Canmore’s undeveloped caves, Rat’s Nest Cave, while you are serenaded by the band of the day. Canmore Cave Tours provides unique cave experiences by guiding you through the Grotto Mountain wilderness to arrive in a natural cave for a private concert. Your group will be educated on the history of the area and the cave itself, allowing you to appreciate nature’s wonder. The following artists play this week, so book your tour ASAP!

December 14: The Silkstones
December 15: Elk Run & Riot
December 16: Trundled
December 17: Seth Anderson


Dog Sledding Through the Mountains

829 10 St, Canmore

In less than an hour drive from the city, experience the mountains with your date as never before. Cuddle up under a blanket while you’re pulled by excited huskies bounding through the snow, or pay the extra cash to drive the sled yourself! Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours has been operational since 1983; however, dog sledding did not exist then. Connie Arsenault dreamt up the idea for the iconic sled dog experience through the Rockies and Snowy Owl gradually grew to the 180 sled dog operation it is now today. Growth was never their goal, but instead, the ethical treatment of their husky family as the sport became more and more popular.

Tour options run anywhere from 2-8 hours, or even a full two-day excursion if you’re feeling frisky! Visit their website above to see how you can meet the (dog and human) team making it all possible.


Rent a Splitboard

Maybe you love snowboarding, or perhaps you adore skiing, so why not try both?! You may have heard the term ‘earn your turn’ – this magical contraption called a ‘splitboard’ allows you to snowboard or ‘split’ the board and turn it into skis. Skins can then be put onto these skis so you can hike your way up the mountain, allowing you to explore new terrain and ski/snowboard down the mountain on whichever path you like!

Check out Aquabatics or MEC for full gear rentals at affordable prices!


Tube, Luge or Bobsled Down COP

Sure you’ve tobogganed, skied or rolled down a snowy mountain, but have you ever tried to bobsled? How about the luge? Perhaps these are a little bit too fast for you – just wait for Canada’s largest tube park to open again for the season! Canada Olympic Park has a TON of winter activity options for you to choose from this winter, and they aren’t just your regular weekend activities. Dare your date to race down in a bobsleigh to experience 10 turns, hitting speeds of 100+ km/h while feeling the force of up to 4 Gs. Now that’s an exhilarating date!


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