6 Romantic Destinations You NEED to Visit

If you're looking for a winter getaway or perhaps just a mid-week daydream in the tropics, check out the most romantic destinations you can escape to.

Well, winter has finally arrived in Alberta! This time of year has us all dreaming of escaping on a warm tropical vacation to lay on the beach and sip pina coladas. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your date! If you’re looking for a winter getaway or perhaps just a mid-week daydream in the tropics, check out some of the most romantic destinations that you could escape to.

The Maldives

This picture-perfect destination has anyone and everyone longing for a vacation the second they lay their eyes on these adorable above-water cabins. The Maldives are found on top of an underwater mountain range, comprised of 1190 islands and sandbanks on 26 natural atolls, which are ring-shaped reefs or islands formed from coral. Every suite and villa you’ll find here is beachfront, taunting you to skip across the white sand beach and dive into the crystal clear blue water, allowing you to see through it for miles. Start saving those pennies now, because vacations to this pristine republic are not cheap!


Florence, Italy

Calling all history buffs, lovers of Europe and hopeless romantics: Florence may just steal your heart. Home to masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, this area of Tuscany allows access to centuries of art history and stunning buildings at your feet. The gallery that displays Michelangelo’s sculpture of ‘David’ as well as the Duomo and the bell tower by Giotto are all found here. Walk the cobblestone and brick streets until the soles of your shoes wear out because you’ll never want to stop exploring this city.


Kauai, Hawaii

Perhaps you’re looking for adventure and relaxation – the island of Kauai is the perfect destination for both. With seacliffs, long scenic beaches, camping sites and national parks, there is no shortage of stunning places to visit here. Hawaii is made up of over 100 islands but is known for it’s eight large landmasses. Kauai is the fourth largest and is known as the ‘Garden Island‘ since it is covered in tropical rainforests, emerald valleys and unique vegetation. Don’t just come to Hawaii for the scenery – why not try snorkelling, zip lining into the ocean, hiking up gorgeous mountains or kayaking into hidden coves? Plan carefully to fit in all of your activities, or else you might just have to go back another time!



If you want access to a white sand beach with no one else on it, Aruba’s your destination. This country has one of the lowest rainfall counts in the world, guaranteeing warm weather in a safe climate – did you know Aruba gets more sunny days than any other Caribbean island? Whether you join a cruise that stops here or jump on a plane to enjoy the clear blue water and soft sand, this destination will welcome you ‘dushis‘ with open arms. This translates to ‘sweetheart,’ an Aruban term that reflects the warmth and passion they feel for each other, their visitors and their island.


Granada, Spain

Whether you got lost in the Carmen de los Martires Gardens as you wander around hand-in-hand or enjoy dinner and wine on Restaurant El Trillo’s open terrace, Granada will seduce the senses and beg you to stay longer. Spain is known for its beautiful architecture,  natural history and the language of love. You can spend days or weeks here, exploring neighbourhoods with crisp white buildings and old brick cathedrals. However before you do anything, authentic tapas and local wine should be the top of your list!


Mykonos, Greece

If you and your date are looking to celebrate, book your flights to Mykonos. This party island is full of dance clubs, beach parties and thumping music to keep the party going all night long. Oceanside pools and restaurants are the norm here, so get ready to dine and dance in the open air and spray of the ocean. During the day time, explore the beautiful countryside to find the iconic windmills and ancient architecture that litter the landscape with breathtaking beauty.


Who’s booking their flights now? Don’t worry Calgary, this deep freeze won’t last forever.

Happy travelling!

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