6 Ways to Stay Fit & Have the Most Incredible Date Night Ever

Yoga, spin, HIIT, barre - Calgary's got it all.

September is almost here, YYC. It’s time to put down those sweety, summery drinks and get  your butt back to the gym. We know traditional fitness isn’t everyone’s jam, but working out doesn’t have to mean hitting the treadmill for an hour or crushing out as many reps as possible at World Health.

Calgary is blessed with countless unique fitness studios designed and created just for you – the trend-seeking, urban socialite who wants to get fit, have fun, and maybe make a few friends along the way. Here are our top picks for fitness studios in Calgary that you’ve gotta check out this fall:

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Lagree YYC

Voted Calgary’s Top Choice Fitness Centre in 2019, Lagree is a workout like no other. Learn to perfect high-intensity, low-impact moves on their Megaformer, a machine designed to work every inch of your body no matter the exercise. Bring your toe socks, lots of water and get ready to work that booty.

Fit Republic YYC

Pilates, yoga, barre, spin – if you can think it, Fit Republic offers it. Try spicing things up and attempting aerial yoga with your date, or perhaps you go to the charity ride before hitting the town with your girls. Located just north of downtown and St. Patrick’s Island, Fit Republic is in the prime spot for you to explore, engage and interact with the local community around you pre- and post-workout.

Yoga Passage

Offering a variety of yoga, HIIT and spin classes, Yoga Passage will challenge all areas of your physical fitness. Come for the workout, stay for the community. Yoga Passage provides holistic, alternative ways to ease the mind, body and soul so that you are able to go into your day, week, month with a fresh mindset. Sweat, work hard, meditate and reset all in the same studio.

Rhythm Ride

Ride until your legs simply won’t go anymore at Rhythm Ride. The health geniuses here combine music, choreography, fitness and community to create a spin studio completely unique to Calgary. Start your journey here for the mind, body and soul as you work on your health, mindset and overall wellbeing alongside others who feel the same – all to the beat.

Barre West YYC

No, barre class isn’t just for people who dance or used to do ballet. Barre West YYC offers a friendly approach to barre, suitable for all fitness and age levels. Based on form, function and intensity, the instuctors here will challenge you in ways that you didn’t know possible, from lowering down just one more inch to adding a band to make things that much more spicy. Challenge yourself this fall and try something new with your date.

Movement U

HIIT? Got it. Yoga? Oh yeah. Rowing? You bet. Spin class? Of course! Movement U is all about moving your body to the beat, with a variety of options to keep you on your toes. Whether you’re looking for a cardio blast or a long stretch, this studio will cater to you and your bae’s every need.

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