7 Reasons Why You Should Take a Cooking Class

Spice things up on your next date.

Finding unique and different date ideas can be hard, especially when you’ve been dating for a while or are in a long term relationship. Netflix and chill ends up being the go-to because it’s easy, you don’t have to leave the couch and there’s always a new documentary to watch. Get your love life out of the rut, Netflix and chill is BORING and not original at all. Shake things up and get off the damn couch – your relationship will thank you.

Okay, you’re off the couch and have your shoes on…now what? Head to ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen for a cooking class. Something unique, different and it involves food, your date will be impressed. They offer five different types of classes:

Chef’s Table – An elegant dinner date night with a fine dining experience.

Lunch ‘N Learn – Quick, affordable, informative and is great for people working or living downtown that still want an amazing meal.

Evening Demonstration – A fun night out during the week where you can sit back and relax as you learn. It’s perfect for a beginner or someone looking to expand their knowledge and palate.

Evening Hands-On – A perfect date during the week. It’s informative, you can ask questions, get expert guidance and learn by doing.

Weekend Hands-On – A little bit longer of a class allows you to make more recipes that you can take home with you after for lunch or dinner the next day.

Here are seven other reasons why you should take a cooking class for your next date night.

Expand Your Palate + Skills

If you think cooking classes are all pasta and cakes you will be pleasantly surprised with ATCO’s Blue Flame Kitchen theme choices. For every type of class, there are a number of cuisine themes to choose from that will let you explore new cultures and grow your cooking skills. There are two exciting theme classes coming up that you don’t want to miss:

Hands On: Spicy Southwestern – Enchilada Night
Saturday, April 28; 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. $75
Spice things up with the big bold flavours of the American Southwest in this hands-on class. Learn to make from-scratch chicken and chorizo enchiladas with a homemade green chili sauce and hone your knife skills by putting together a zesty coriander and lime coleslaw.
Reserve your spot HERE.

Evening Demo Class: Our Homemade Rice and Noodle Bowls
Thursday, May 17; 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. $35
Asian and Hawaiian rice and noodle bowls are a hot restaurant trend right now — and it’s an easy style of cooking to replicate at home. This demo class will teach you how to perfectly cook rice and a variety of different Asian-style noodles, as our chef instructor puts together an authentic albacore tuna poke bowl and a glass noodle salad.
Reserve your spot HERE.

Learn Things

While you’re exploring different types of cuisines and cultures, you will also get to learn proper techniques from the best to make your cooking easier and more efficient – like cutting down prep time.

It’s a Life Skill

Cooking is a life skill and is key to staying healthy and saving money. Just think about how much money you spent on eating out last week; we’re guilty too but when you’re a better cook you’ll WANT to cook at home, trust us.

It’s Fun

When you and bae get in that kitchen together, you work together to create a delicious meal. It’s just like your favourite Rom Com scene, but in real life. You’ll spend the evening laughing and bonding with your date and the Blue Flame Kitchen team.

Team of Experts

You will be in good hands with Blue Flame Kitchen’s team of experts. They’ve been trained all over the world including Toronto, Thailand and Switzerland. Class sizes are small so the chefs can interact with you for a better learning experience.

Something For Everyone

There is always something different going on at Blue Flame Kitchen. They’re constantly changing up their themes, cuisines and recipes to keep things interesting for you. They let their culinary team drive the menu with their creativity. They are always

experimenting and exploring to build better menus. That way you can keep coming back for more. Additionally, they offer a variety of classes during lunch hour, week nights and on the weekend so you can fit it in to your schedule.

There is Wine

While you’re enjoying your cooking class you can sip on wine, beer and prosecco. Cheers to that.


Sound like something you and your date would love? Visit the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen website for more information and to register for a class. Connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.



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