8 Best Walking Trails in Edmonton

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No matter the season we Edmontonians like to get out and explore! Did you know: Edmonton has more than 160 kilometres of maintained multi-use trails. That’s a whole lot of exploring to be done!

If you haven’t yet, these are 8 killer spots in the city to get those steps in!

1. Whitemud Creek Ravine

Access: Click Here to view on map

Located in the southwest end of the city just off the Henday. Stroll along the ravine through the trees. Be sure to check out the wildlife underpass and all the graffiti (this makes a cool photo spot!)



2. Mactaggart Sanctuary Trail

Access: Click here to view on map

A shorter loop (with options to take offshoot trails) starting with crossing Blackmud Creek and continuing along Whitemud Creek.

3. Whitemud Park

Access: Click here to view on map

Follow the trail along the river to Keillor Point lookout for some river valley views. You can take this trail all the way up to Hawrelak Park and beyond.

4. Wolf Willow

Access: Click here to view on map

A common place to find stair runners is at wolf willow stairs with one of the longest and steepest sets of stairs in the city. With that said, the views at the top are well worth the climb and the plethora of trails around the stairs will give you a ton of options.

Wolf Willow stairs

5. Royal Glenora Stairs

Access: Click here to view on map

Another popular location for stair runners is the Glenora Stairs. You could take a few trips up and down then head out on the river valley rd trail or cross the bridge and continue along the south side of the river.



6. Rowland Park Lookout & Trails

Access: Click here to view on map

More river views are available here and trails can take you for miles along the riverside.


7. Devon Voyageur Park

Access: Click here to view on map

Deep in the basin of the river is the Devon trails. Head down to the riverside beach for a dip in the warmer months or follow the trails through the park and along the river. Try your hand at the legs of fire stairs!

Devon voyageur park

8. Terwillegar Park

Access: Click here to view on map

This natural area features a dog park (need I say more!) and tons of trails. Follow the trail to the footbridge and follow the trail to end up at Wolf Willow Stairs for some awesome views. Once to the top continue on the trail to find another rise in elevation if you really want aerial views!


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