Adulting: Politics 101


Written by: Amanda Wilkie
Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Visionable and Millennials in Politics
Panel Speaker at Adulting 101: Politics

We all know the stereotype: Millennials are entitled, we’re lazy, we don’t care about anyone but ourselves, and we certainly don’t pay attention to politics and elections, let alone the consequences of government decisions and leadership.

Those descriptions are the total opposite of myself and almost every young adult I know, and I bet you’d agree.

Millennials, we are nearly 50% of Calgary’s population. Calgary is one of the youngest cities in Canada. Yet, in the last municipal election, in 2013, voter turnout was 39%. Your parents and grandparents probably voted.

Did you vote?

This Is Our City

On Monday, October 16, Calgarians are voting for a Mayor, local Councillors, and local School Board Trustees in our municipal election.

Across the city, there will be 131 candidates on ballots, with at least one Millennial running in each Ward. This means there is the potential for an entirely new City Council. There is the potential for an entirely new Public School Board of Trustees.

We hold the potential, in our decision to vote, of a whole new vision for our city.

This election is the best opportunity you and I have ever had to create real change with our votes. So, the excuse that your vote doesn’t matter isn’t going to fly this time.

This Is Our Vision

We aren’t just voters, we are family members and friends. We aren’t just taxpayers, we are professional leaders and community collaborators. 95% of businesses in Calgary are locally owned by you and me.

Millennials, we are shaping and determining the future of our city. Do we want Calgary to continue to be the powerhouse of entrepreneurial initiative in Canada? Are we committed to improving the quality and affordability of life for every Calgarian? Whatever the issues are that speak to you most, you need to speak up and give voice to them. You are not alone.

Bring your friends and join me on Thursday, October 5 for Adulting: Politics 101. Learn the rules so we can change the game. Tickets are $20 and include snacks at Trolley 5 – buy them here.

Then, who are you going to vote for?

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