It’s time to get your shit together

Adulting 101 is happening on Tuesday November 22nd, be there.


Hello, I’m looking for an adult.

It’s all fun and games until you can’t go on a weekend bender without suffering a week-long hangover – aka, you’re getting older.

But that’s not to say all the good times are behind you – there’s something incredibly satisfying about that moment you can confidently proclaim, “Wow, I’ve got my shit together.”

Paying rent on time, staying in on a Friday night, eating your calories instead of drinking them, ordering vegetables at a restaurant, and actually remembering getting home after the bar – all applaudable feats.

Our Adulting 101 series is going to help you make sense of this whole ‘being a growing up’ thing. Budgeting, purchasing your first condo, the rent vs. buy dilemma, taxes, making the perfect cocktail, and finding your own personal style. For our upcoming event on November 22nd, we’ve teamed up will Mill Street Brewery and ATB Financial to bring you Beers and Budgeting. 

To ease you into the growing pains we are kicking off the night with a beer tasting of Mill Street’s best beers combined with a few tasty snacks. 

After you’re comfortably buzzed, we’ll get into the fun stuff – how to create a personal budget presented by our resident girl boss and emcee Maria Pacheco and Lauren Slen, Branch Manager from ATB Financial. The experts will be focusing on personal credit – what your credit score means and how to make it work for you, gaining confidence in your career, as well as realistic goal setting for the things that are important to you.

You’ll walk out of the evening feeling more confident in how to put your budgeting skills to work, some adulting swag and maybe, just maybe you might consider owning something besides a collection of $300 jeans. 

Come get your shit together with us and make your momma proud.

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