All of Us at the Ballet

A tribute to the Tragically Hip.

If you’re looking for a reason to head to the ballet with your boo, this is it. Is he giving you that look like why would I go to the ballet? We guarantee that once you tell him it’s a tribute to The Tragically Hip, he’ll be asking when you’re going.

All of Us, the Alberta Ballet’s next show, is inspired by The Tragically Hip’s most loved songs, this post-apocalyptic rock ballet is the newest creation by Jean Grand-Maître. It’s one of his signature portrait ballet series and it’s sure to blow audiences away, as usual.

Bring your bae or plan a girls night out to experience this artistic masterpiece celebrating the classic Canadian group. In this beautiful production, the audience will be transported to a “scorched and desolate world, where the last humans alive are left to scavenge the charred landscapes of a dead planet in order to find food and water.


The total absence of authority and religion has created a dangerous void within which conspire the best and the worst of humanity’s desires. Inevitably, the destructive forces of greed and hatred will face off one last time with the army of light and of compassion.”

The post-apocalyptic story will be complemented by the sound and stories of the artists that have spoken so poignantly to a generation of Canadians. You’ll be moved by the story and by the monumental tunes of The Tragically Hip.

Make sure you grab your tickets quick before they sell out, the show is only playing in Calgary from May 2-6.

Get your tickets here.



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