This Food Court OG Pranked Their Customers With “New Menu items” That Seemed Borderline Believable!

We lowkey wish we could have tried them... not joking!

Get ready to laugh your buns off cause Manchu Wok just seriously pranked EVERYONE with their whacky “latest release.”

On Friday March 29th, they teased the launch of a new unexpected menu item – their new burgers!  The menu items included the Egg Roll Supreme, Broccoli Beefwich, Low Mein Loco Sandwich, and Honey Garlic Chicken Sandwich… or did they?

Manchu Wok dove headfirst into April Fools’ Day early and had everyone fooled with this thought-provoking prank featuring a fictitious line of Chinese food burgers that seemed almost too real! Think classic dishes sandwiched between buns – sounds pretty believable (and honestly kind of delicious) to us!

The Prank

At exactly 8am EST on April 1st, 2024, Manchu Wok made a surprising post on their socials about a new launch of burgers that fooled even us!

We know this quick-service restaurant specializes in Chinese fusion cuisine so why would we not believe this line to be real? If you continue to swipe left on their post, you’ll come to find that it was all an April Fool’s Prank!

Have you seen this post from Manchu Wok yet? Were you fooled too? You might still even be questioning, “Hey, maybe I’d actually like to try that!”

It doesn’t sound half bad, but I think until now we’ll have to just ‘hack’ the menu if we want to try these creations.

See the Fictitious Menu Line Below!

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