Artist Feature: Reuben and the Dark

You won't want to miss Reuben and the Dark at the 2018 Calgary Folk Festival.

This Canadian indie-folk band from Calgary has been winning over the hearts of music lovers since their early days of releasing solo albums in 2010. Since then, Reuben and the Dark have gone on to be signed in 2013 by Arts & Crafts, one of Canada’s largest indie labels, serve as an opening act for Vance Joy and catch the attention of both Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The band’s unique sounds, emotionally charged lyrics and powerful stage presence make them an act worth paying attention to.

Reuben and The Dark: Photo Credit Lucia Graca

Reuben Bullock, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, is a natural with words. He began writing poetry in his teenage years but music never occurred as a career path for him. Things changed when his brother handed him a guitar and taught him a pair of chords in his early 20’s – and lucky for us, it did. Reuben recognized his calling from there and the rest has been a wild success.

After the release of two solo albums in 2010, Reuben recruited the other members of the band and adopted a new moniker. The band was later signed in 2013 to Arts & Crafts, one of Canada’s largest indie labels. Proving their talent, they went on to drop a debut album entitled Funeral Sky, produced by the talented minds of Christopher Hayden of Florence and the Machine and Stephen Kozmeniuk, a Canadian record producer who has worked with big name artists like Nikki Minaj, Madonna and Kendrick Lamar. A massive success around the globe, Funeral Sky was even listed on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2015 campaign playlist.

Reuben and The Dark Facebook

Bullock, whose music has appeared in a 2015 Travel Alberta commercial, and in an episode of the popular Netflix series Between has been enjoying their success while he continues to focus on his passion for songwriting. He’s also enjoyed other successes like opening for Vance Joy in 2016. It’s easy to see why – the band’s sound is powerful and packed with vulnerable lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Their latest album titled Arms of a Dream was released in May 2018. Described as Bullock’s “most vivid and transformative music to date,” it’s an album about love and about the inner war that can exist when your heart and mind are at odds against each other. Packed with lyrics about family, dreams and the people you love the most, this is an album that will surely resonate with all fans and music lovers.

Reuben and the Dark will be taking the mainstage on Saturday, July 28th at 855PM – you won’t want to miss this show. Click here to see their full schedule. 

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