Barre West: Building a Space for Strength, Wellness and Community

Why we're loving the newest Barre in town.

We’re drawn to women with the courage to build the life they want, follow their dreams and empower other women to do the same. If it also involves fitness and community, you’ve got us hooked.

When you step into the studio, you can feel passion and energy reverberate off the instructors and clients. You’re welcomed into an inner circle with open arms like you’ve known each other for years. And when you learn the story behind the newest barre studio in Calgary, you immediately know that this is a community you want to be a part of.

Barre West was inspired by a passion for barre fitness and a desire to see YYC barre fitness classes elevated. The three owners, Adriana, Pauline and Megan fell in love with barre because of the challenge, energy and the good sweat it brings. It develops an amazing sense of body awareness. There is a meditative quality throughout class where you tap into strength and the whole world gets quiet. A great class shifts a bad day or mood to a great one.

If you’re new to the barre community, don’t sweat it. It takes 5-10 classes to get the moves and language, and after that you understand what’s going on. At about the 15-20 class mark the techniques develop so you can go further and work stronger. There really are no limits on how much you can grow with barre fitness. The workout is set up for everyone of all ages and levels of fitness. The technique is an awesome compliment to running, yoga and winter sports.

What makes this studio and classes unique are the programming, instructors, studio design and location. They focus a ton on anatomy training and specifically on pelvic floor and core training. Every human – man, woman, young, and old should have awareness of his or her pelvic floor. Functional movement and fitness training is so valuable for living a full, active life. Barre West has trained their instructors to know functional anatomy and how to cue movement so every person can develop stronger body awareness and strength. The three women have been taught and inspired by so many women around them, they now get to pass on their knowledge, passion and dedication to their instructors and community.

Having a beautiful studio was so important to Adriana, Pauline and Megan. Becky Degraaf (of DeGraaf & Co.), a close friend of the owners and interior designer, did an incredible job with the design plan and executing the build out. With her help, Barre West now offers an effective and accessible workout in a gorgeous space.

The space will also be for the community. There will be regular workshops, charity work and a retail boutique that features all local products. It’s a platform to grow as a fitness community but to also support small businesses in Calgary.  

Barre West is the manifestation of everything the women know and love about barre and Calgary’s wellness community.

Our number one goal this year is to build community and offer a space where people can thrive. We want to use the studio as a place to encourage other female entrepreneurs, offer health and wellness resources and have FUN. We’re looking forward to growing our barre teacher training program and providing high quality training for fitness instructors. Also, we’d love to skip down to Cali for a barre/work retreat.

Our mission statement is to elevate mind, bodies and souls through barre fitness. We hope to pay it forward, pay it back. For all, but definitely for women.”

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