Become a VIP Every Date Night with CineClub at Cineplex

Join the club and receive free movie tickets, discounts on experiences and your favourite movie snacks!

With the country-wide theatre closures due to COVID-19, our movie dates were non-existent, and our popcorn cravings were stronger than ever. Now to make up for lost time, CineClub has entered the scene, to make our movie-going experience more exciting – and more rewarding. Your date deserves to feel like a VIP every date night, and CineClub is the best way to show off your exclusive discounts and experiences!

The Goods

Cineplex launched a monthly subscription program Canada-wide for movie-lovers everywhere, called CineClub. For only $9.99+tax per month, CineClub subscribers will receive:

  • A free movie ticket each month
  • Discounted tickets for your movie-loving friends
  • 20% off concession
  • Savings at The Rec Room, and Cineplex Store

The Deals and Discounts

The deals really are worth it – each month you will receive a free movie ticket in your account, and your first ticket will be ready for use as soon as you join so you can enjoy the rewards right away, for any movie and any showtime that you want!

You will also earn SCENE points on your monthly membership and all additional ticket purchases, and can get extra tickets for you and your guests at CineClub pricing!

The Buttery Goodness

  • Save 20% on concession purchases.
  • Receive 20% off food from Outtakes and the VIP lounge.
  • Earn SCENE® points on all concession purchases.

The Entertainment Factor

  • Receive 20% off gaming at The Rec Room.
  • Receive 10% off at the Cineplex Store for at-home movie rentals and purchases!

So whether you are a die-hard movie lover or you just tag along for the buttery popcorn and sweet treats, CineClub is the perfect way to make you and your date feel like a VIP every time you go to the movies! Now the only question is – who’s down for a double feature?

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