Best Brunch Date Spots in Montreal


Looking to impress your date who loves brunch? Well look no further.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; brunch is the best meal of the day for a fun and delicious date! Now, when I lived in Montreal, these were my tried and true brunch spots to bring a date, the girls, or even to sit by myself with a good book.

Let’s get into it.

1. Bagel etc.

Bagel etc. is severely underrated in the MTL brunch scene. Its quaint nature keeps the seating small, but in the summer they open their terrace so there is more space.

The food is everything you want out of a hearty breakfast. Perfect eggs, bacon, ham, bagels, coffee – the works. All the while, they play jazz music and have a funky vintage interior that has you feeling like you stepped into a swanky French cafe. It never misses!

2. Beauty’s

That line you see encircling a building on Mont Royal? Yeah, that’s Beauty’s. An institution of the area to say the least. This neighbourhood diner was founded by the Hymie & Freda Sckolnick in 1942 and they’ve been serving up the same delicious food for years.

You can see the mural in tribute to Hymie on the side of the building. This is brunch done right – no fuss, great food, and a nostalgic feel that brings back memories of simpler times.

3. St. Viateur Bagel

I understand the implications of choosing a favourite Montreal bagel spot. You’re either a Fairmont girl or a St. Viateur girl, and I am a St. Viateur girl!

St. Viateur’s bagels are warm, a little sweet, and have a crusty, crunchy exterior that makes my mouth water.

They are open 24 hours, so whether your brunch is at 10:00am or 2:00am, they have your back!

Note: there is the St. Viateur bagel shop which is 24 hours, just takeout. The cafe is open at normal business times and this is a sit down venue. 

4. L’avenue

It’s time to shake things up and elevate your brunch date! Looking for a spot to really impress your date? L’avenue has everything you need and more. From the watermelon water you’re served, to beautifully plated eggs benny, to the black-light bathrooms, you will be pleasantly surprised at this restaurant.

It does get busy here so make sure to go early to beat the rush!

5. Arthurs

A spot very near and dear to our hearts in Saint Henri is Arthurs. This Jewish deli is serving up breakfast in a big way! The atmosphere is bright and charming.

I cannot recommend the Moroccan Toast enough. The flavours absolutely blew me away.

Again, this spot is small and tends to get packed with a line on weekends so definitely come early!

6. The Sparrow

I don’t think The Sparrow’s brunch gets talked about enough and I am no gatekeeper when it comes to cool places so let me put you onto a new spot. I religiously began coming to The Sparrow every weekend for brunch once I learned about it because it was that good.

I had to try everything on the menu and not a single item is bad. The Sparrow by day is bright, airy, with a vintage flair that makes for a very romantic morning date. Don’t sleep on this spot!

7. Olive et Gourmando

You’re walking through the Old Port, you’re looking for a place to get brunch, you stumble into Olive et Gourmando… Life is perfect. Olive et Gourmando is perfect for those looking to feel like they are in a real Parisian cafe.

The ambiance is gorgeous and the food is equally as tasty. Their baked goods are fresh and a definite must-try! 

8. L’oeufrier

Now I know that this is a chain, but let me explain why I’ve included L’oeufrier: you want classic breakfast food done right? Come here. You want eggs, bacon, smoothies, waffles, or pancakes? They got them!

L’oeufrier is a chain because they are doing something right. Sometimes, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to just have a really good brunch.

This spot does it right. I said what I said! 

So it’s time to set your alarm clocks for the weekend, because now there is something worth waking up for! Your date will be super impressed with your brunch choices, making you stand out from the rest.

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Written by – Jenna Kaplan

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