Best Coffee Shops For A First Date

You're either finally going on your first date in forever or you're going on 5th first date this week. Either way enjoy each others company at one of these great coffee shops in Vancouver.
Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver

So you’ve swiped, you’ve been set up by friends, you randomly met someone on the street, you are going on a date. We’re sure that you’ve thought of every possible situation of how this date will go. But no matter how it does go, at least you can have a great cup of Joe while you either have great time or remind yourself that you love alone time with your cuddly pet. Here are our favourite coffee shops to go to on a first date.

Best coffee Shops for a 1st date

Please note we love all these places equally and are thankful we have cool places all over the city. 

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

We would love for you to add to our list of best coffee shops in Vancouver. Also, just because you’re starting off with a coffee date doesn’t mean it has to end there. Maybe if you’re having a great time you can continue that date into the afternoon. We have lots of ideas up our sleeve for ways to keep the date going so if you’re having a good time then check out our other articles on things to do in the city over here.

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