Dance the Night Away at the Biggest Ball to Come To Calgary

Hotel Arts' Big Ball 2024 is the year's most extravagant night for a good cause

Get ready to glam up for a date night that supports a good cause! The 2024 Big Ball at Hotel Arts (119 12 AVE SW) is the biggest event coming this year on February 2, 2024. This event is Calgary’s most sought-after gala and aims to increase awareness in men’s mental health and other areas impacting men that often get overlooked.

Your hot ticket to this year’s Big Ball includes entry into the most extravagant party of 2024 with dancing, drinks, food, and much more fun!

For a good cause

All proceeds from the 2024 Big Ball will be used for the on-going development of the Kawakami Pre-habilitation Clinic.

The pre-habilitation program aims to enhance the overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health, of patients diagnosed with significant diseases before they undergo surgical interventions, with the ultimate goal of optimizing healing outcomes.

Your ticket purchase is also an investment in support of Calgary’s 2024 Special Olympics Winter Games allowing these athletes a chance to proudly represent Canada.

The Cavalry Football Club, Calgary’s professional soccer team, will be hosting the Big Ball’s inaugural VIP reception as well. They’re an ally of the Women for Men’s Health Initiative and have turned last year’s Gala into the most talked-about event of the year!

Make a difference with the Women for Men’s Health Group! Established in 2016, they’ve raised more than 2.1 million fundraising dollars over the past eight years dedicated to imperative men’s health initiatives that span across psychological, social, and medical domains. 

Turn it into a staycation

With a venue like Hotel Arts, there’s no better time than to turn this extravagant night for a good cause into an overnight staycation with your friends, date, or as a solo night away!

Enjoy the event without having to worry how you’re getting home or heading out in the cold and take a short walk to your comfortable, and luxurious room at Calgary’s urban resort.

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