Date Night at Black Pearl Toronto


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Toronto’s newest bar for 70’s vibes and delicious cocktails

Just two months ago, Black Pearl (184 Pearl St) opened its doors to patrons to enjoy live entertainment, classic eats, and cocktails with a twist. This just might be your newest after work hangout spot!

Black Pearl provides comforting but fun vibes, easygoing eats and nostalgic desserts to satisfy your cravings. This small menu is well executed with a variety of sliders, New York-style pizzas, and even sprinkled Twinkies for dessert!

What We Tried

This menu is full of comfort food favourites that go quite well with having some drinks in a lively environment.

The Cheeseburger Sliders tasted like homemade Big Macs! They were pickle-forward and had a delicious sauce that reminded me of my favourite late night burger. The Nashville Crispy Chicken Sliders were very smokey. If you’re a lover of smokey chicken, this is the dish for you.

Now, I’ve never had malt mayo before, but I could write a whole essay on what I love about it now, especially with their fries. It tastes like what you would eat fish & chips with. It adds a salty, slightly sour tang to the mayo that you never knew you needed. Pro tip: Dip the chicken tenders in the mayo. 

We also had the New York-style Pepperoni Pizza which was a crowd favourite! The pepperoni was perfectly crispy and the sauce to cheese ratio was perfect. 

For drinks we tried a variety of cocktails that all had unique flavours and twists. Our unanimous favourite was the Black Pearl Sour. This was a perfectly balanced cocktail (not to mention how pretty it looked!) I also really enjoyed my Orange Spiced Old Fashioned for a stronger kick. 

The Vibe

Overall, the vibe of the place was vibrant and full of energy. The live band got the crowd up and dancing on a Wednesday night which is super impressive! They danced their way off the stage and through the crowd making this a very immersive experience for everyone in the crowd.

The mix of Bee Gees, Diana Ross, and Blondie really kicked off the dancing and got the audience singing along to every tune. 

Speaking to our server, she mentioned that they also have a ballerina as well as a fire dancer come to shock the crowd! In this loose quote, she went on to say how much she loved working at the Black Pearl and how this is the most fun she’s had at any job before.

Black Pearl is the perfect spot to have your next event, an after work watering hole, or a place to kick back, shake your thing, and dance the night away. We will 100% be returning soon. 

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Written by – Jenna Kaplan

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