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Blissed is a self-care brand focused on helping people elevate their wellness routine with their line of easy-to-use cannabis products. From edibles to lotions to oils and everything in between – Blissed is determined to help you find your bliss. 


We also love that they are incredibly socially-conscious! 10% of all profits from TREC Brands go directly towards organizations that support gender equality efforts and Plastic Bank.

Be Blissed

Have questions about cannabis?

Blissed has the answers. Their latest campaign “No Bad Answers” has the team talking to the community and finding out what people know and don’t know about the industry. Check out their video series on Instagram and learn more at

Hosted by Ruben Young, a local YYC musician.

Be Blissed with CBD Blueberry Acai

About CBD

CBD is something that you most likely haven’t stopped hearing about since cannabis legalization in 2018, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about its benefits – we got you. CBD is anxiety and pain’s new nemesis. 

With its incredible calming effects, positive mood encouragement and ability to help manage sleeplessness, you’ll be saying, “Anxiety? Never heard of her!” Not only that, but with topical application for inflammation relief and sore muscles and joints – it has also become a powerful tool for athletes and anybody struggling with chronic pain. 

Essentially, from your brain to your tippy toes – CBD has you covered.

Cooking with Cannabis

A really effective and fun way of incorporating cannabis into your daily routine is to include it in some of your favourite recipes! 

Luckily, Blissed has a cookbook with award-winning chef, Rose Reisman to help guide you through the process of adding THC and CBD products to your favourite meals, snacks and baked goods -pun intended!

With over 100+ cannabis infused recipes, learn how to add your new favourite herb to your new favourite recipes. This cookbook is designed for beginners and cannabis connoisseurs alike, and includes easy-to-follow recipes to ensure infused cooking is accessible to everyone.

Order it here!



Be Blissed Cookbook

Want to find your bliss? Click here!

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