Buy or Sell Your Home With Complete Control: The Bōde Way

The DIY of real estate - save money and get what you want.

It’s finally time for you to buy your first home: where do you begin? You probably start researching homes in neighbourhoods you like, looking for the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spots, the list goes on. Soon, you have dozens of tabs open on your computer with potential homes all over the city, at a loss of what to do next. How do I book a showing? How do I make an offer? If I do book a showing, am I going to get a phone call from a realtor trying to hard-sell me before I’m ready? The list of questions is neverending to anyone new to the home buying process.

Perhaps you already own a home but you’re looking to sell in the near future. Whether you’ve sold a house before or this is your first time, we all know how those pesky real estate agent fees can add up. Did you know that on average it takes four years of mortgage payments to simply pay off the commissions on a home? That means you’re not actually getting any equity in your home until December 2023. What if there was a way to save these commissions and the forty+ manhours of extra work required when selling a home with an agent? What if you could list your home on the market (MLS, Zillow, etc.) without the help of an agent and have someone else do the advertising – free of charge until it sells? Well Calgary, the answer to all your home buying and selling quandaries is finally here – introducing Bōde.

Just as you wouldn’t call a travel agent to book a trip or go into the bank to transfer your friend money, Bōde is a real estate resource that eliminates the middle man and makes transacting online easy. Reimagining real estate from the industry’s very inception, Bōde addresses the inconveniences that we’ve had with home buying and selling from day one. Their platform gives buyers the ability to purchase any home in Calgary or Edmonton by simply making an offer on a home and populate the contract once you have agreed. Vice versa, Bōde can also list homes anywhere in Alberta which means as long as you live in our province, you can sell with them. Perhaps you’re thinking, “this seems risky to do alone, I don’t know anything about real estate.” Don’t fret, the Bōde team will make sure that you have the information you need throughout the entire process until you exchange keys.

With Bōde, the power to buy, sell and improve your home easily, conveniently and affordably is finally at your fingertips. Preserve the value of your home by buying and selling your most valuable asset on your own – no agent required. You’ll receive the information you need without an agent and their high commission fees. Through the use of Bōde’s modern, user-friendly platform for a low 1% flat fee that is only charged once your house sells. That’s right, this service is completely free until a contract has been signed, all promotional advertising included. Not only can you buy and sell your home on your own, but you can book a showing, research listings and (coming soon) gain access to the best professional stagers, photographers, inspectors and lawyers in the biz with Bōde – everything you need to complete the process the way you want it to be done. Yep, real estate just got a whole lot smarter. Bōde is redefining your relationship with your home, one click at a time.

Now, you are the expert. You call the shots. You, my friend, are in control. 

Still not sure how this whole Bōde thing works? Check out the Bōde Canada website to see how streamlined the home buying and selling process truly can be. Scroll down to find glowing reviews and recommendations from countless satisfied Bōde users. 

Bōde: the smarter way to buy and sell your home the way you want – for less. 

Sell your home with Bōde.

Purchase your next home with Bōde.

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