CAMP Festival

Feeling those creative sparks and need an outlet? Curious about a career in digital creation? This CAMP is for you. 


Written By: Katie Tetz

Calling all creatives, artists, designers and digital content machines. This camp is for you. 

Hosted at the historical Theatre Junction GRAND, CAMP is the ultimate getaway for the creator in you. This two-day festival fuses together all things art, design and technology, helping artists, students and professionals inspire one another. It’s a chance to shape and share cutting edge experiences in design and technology while connecting with peers and professionals who will encourage you to let that creative spark turn into a full on firework show.

What happens at CAMP doesn’t need to stay at CAMP …  

A lot of great things happen at CAMP. 20 expert led presentations, panels and various hand-picked speakers from around the world will leave you feeling inspired, educated and challenged. If your creative sparks are dwindling, or if you’re itching to have an outlet for them, CAMP is the place. It’s a chance to learn about a constantly evolving industry and meet like-minded people who get jazzed about the same things as you.

It’s for anyone and everyone whether you’re in charge of a forward thinking brand or just curious about digital creation. It’s for designers, developers, artists, and anyone who creates in the digital world. With both technical and inspiration sessions, whatever your inner artist needs, you’re sure to find it.

“There are all these cool young people doing amazing stuff. I was 34 and I started my first year of art school with all my 17 and 18 year old classmates. It was frustrating but we never get any younger than we are right at this moment so let’s stop thinking ‘I am too old to ___’ and start today!” -Yuko Shimizu

In short, it’s two packed days of creativity, art, business, creative coding, web development, digital everything, and even gaming. 400+ attendees means you get endless inspiration, creative brainstorming, and networking opportunities.

CAMP gives the digital future a stage. And you could be a part of it.

The details.

The creators of CAMP want you there so bad they’ve even created two letters available to download that you can send to your boss or teacher. These will surely convince them that you attending CAMP is a good idea.

Visit and click ‘REGISTER’ for tickets. There is a limited quantity of special priced student tickets so don’t ponder this decision for too long!

You can also check out the schedule and speakers that are about to rock your world.

So don’t think about it. Just come to CAMP with us.

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