Celebrity-Inspired Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween

From viral looks to costumes that stand the test of time, inspired by the stars.

With Halloween creeping up (faster than usual, might we add), it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume for 2022. No stress if you don’t have a spooky season boo to dress up with, these costumes are perfect to do with friends… or even your pet, we won’t judge.

Here’s a list of our favourite celebrity Halloween costume ideas to get you in the festive spirit and be the talk of the party.

The Avocado to your Toast

We hope this couple’s costume isn’t cursed now… For the most millennial of Halloween costumes, go as avocado toast and try not to make yourself hungry.

The Strangers Things Squad

Stranger Things is the perfect show to binge during this spooky season; how could it not be? Replicate your favourite character as an ode to this quirky sci-fi show.

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

This couple may be the perfect vibe for Halloween… somehow serving both sexy and scary vibes, it’s easy to find an iconic out-there look by these two to replicate this Halloween season.

Billie Eilish & Finneas

Recreate this iconic sibling duo’s performance or red carpet looks; people will either know who you are and LOVE it, or take a few guesses to get it right. The lime green and black wig is mandatory, though.

The Carters

Good for the whole family? If you have little ones, dress up as America’s, nay, the world’s most iconic couple and stun any party you walk into.

Want S’More?

Inspired by the cutest family on Instagram, dress up as this favourite campfire treat complete with the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows! Bonus points for bringing actual s’mores with you.

The Addams Family

Get sultry with a Morticia and Gomez Addams couple’s costume, or include the whole squad dressing up as members of the family!

The iconic Jenners

This power sister duo has closets full of iconic looks from their younger years growing up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, to their red carpet looks, modelling feats, and paparazzi moments.

Get Back to the Future

Something classic, stands the test of time (and travels it) is a Marty McFly and Doc Brown costume from Back to the Future. You might have a hard time finding a Delorean, though.

Curious about costumes?

A Curious George needs his Man with the Yellow Hat, and it’s even better if your date can carry you around all night. Who will be who?

Were they on a break?

Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS may be the most complicated relationship in TV history, making this the perfect costume for a situationship. Go all out and choose your favourite FRIENDS scene for this sitcom-themed costume.

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass

Hello my Upper East Siders… I guess that would be considered Casa Loma area if Gossip Girl was in Toronto? Dawn your best private school looks and don’t forget the headband for this elite costume.

It’s Wayne’s World, we’re just living in it…

This seems pretty simple to put together, and it’s a costume that has stood the test of time no matter what your Halloween plans are!

A couple of rock legends

It’s all in the makeup for this one. Get creative and recreate one of these iconic rockers’ looks for your Halloween costume this year and really wow the crowd.

Shrek & Lord Farquaad (and apparently not Fiona…)

It’s not easy being green… make people do a second look with this unlikely duo couple’s costume that’s really a staple of millennial culture.

Taco Belle (get it?)

One’s spicy and one’s sweet – it’s the perfect combination! Make a pun this Halloween season with this silly word-play costume that really works for couples… however you spin it.

Napolean Dynamite & Pedro

This is a classic and perfect for affordable and easy-to-DIY costumes! There won’t be a single soul in the room who doesn’t know who you are. Vote For Pedro!

Pennywise & Georgie

Put a creepy spin on your couple’s costume this year; I wonder if you’ll have to do heads-or-tails for who has to be Pennywise, here.

Dumbledore and McGonagall

Ahh, Harry Potter themed costumes! Perfect for the whole squad with endless characters to recreate, this is a classic costume and looks pretty freaking cool doesn’t it!

Beetlejuice & Lydia

Even if it’s an older movie, this costume is so iconic and you can really hit it out of the park like estranged couple The Weeknd and Bella Hadid did below.

Beavis & Butthead

Heh. heh. heh. heh. Image doing this with your boo? Maybe not the sexiest but it’ll sure be funny. Iykyk.

The Joker & Harley Quinn

Possibly the most popular costume of the past few years, these are prime costume-inspo characters and if you haven’t dressed up as them at least once, you gotta.

Dead Blockbuster Employees

Get it.. because Blockbuster is kind of.. dead? If you get creative you can REALLY pull off this costume without people wondering what the heck you are. This one will really confuse the gen z’s (sorry guys).

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