Coast Hotels & datenight BC Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Combining eco-friendly hospitality with locally sourced and sustainable gift ideas!
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In the spirit of sustainable holiday gifting, Coast Hotels and datenight have teamed up to bring you a thoughtful guide that combines eco-friendly hospitality with locally sourced and sustainable gift ideas across various British Columbia locations.

Coast Hotels’ Commitment to Sustainability

Coast Hotels, nestled in breathtaking landscapes from mountain ranges to coastal retreats, is dedicated to being a positive force for the environment. Committed to sustainable tourism, the chain supports local communities by sourcing produce locally and prioritizing local hires.

The eco-friendly practices include recycling, composting, using biodegradable cleaning supplies, energy-efficient lighting, and more, ensuring a Refreshingly Green experience for guests.

Coast Hotels is dedicated to its Refreshingly Green commitments, embodying corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The company prioritizes transparency within its supply chain, fostering partnerships that address inequalities, promote equity, and uphold high animal welfare standards.

Their initiatives extend to reducing energy consumption, water usage, and waste, while implementing comprehensive recycling programs, including composting and food-waste reduction. Embracing energy-efficient practices such as lighting and appliances, low-flow toilets, and reducing single-use plastics further underscores their commitment. Impressively, over 22 hotels have been certified by Green Key Global, attaining a Green Key Eco-Rating of two or more keys.

Additionally, 6 owned and managed hotels received certification for Green Key Meetings with a rating of two or more keys. Coast Hotels proudly concludes its sustainability efforts with the completion of the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge, showcasing a holistic dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

Sustainable Gift Ideas Across BC

Embrace the spirit of eco-friendly giving this holiday season. Coast Hotels is committed to sustainable and Refreshingly Green practices, and we encourage you to extend the gift of green living through thoughtful and environmentally conscious presents. Let’s unite in choosing gifts that not only bring joy to your loved ones but also contribute to a more sustainable and thriving planet.


For a truly unique gift-giving experience, explore Ripples Winery & New Wave Distilling in Abbotsford. This family-owned winery and distillery creates wines and spirits with local ingredients, embracing sustainability in every sip.

Ripples Winery & New Wave Distilling


In Burnaby, Golem Designs offers a blend of artistic expression and sustainable living. Explore their pottery and expressive arts therapy items, providing a thoughtful and meaningful touch to your holiday gifts.

Campbell River

For a taste of the wild beauty of Campbell River, West Coast Wildflowers is your destination. Choose from a selection of locally crafted and sustainably sourced gifts that capture the essence of Vancouver Island’s rugged charm.

West Coast Wildflowers


Eco & Luxe Co. is a Chilliwack-based online shop that is perfect for those in search of sustainable holiday gifts. From ethically sourced home goods to eco-friendly fashion and wellness products, Eco & Luxe Co. caters to those seeking both style and substance in their holiday gifts. If you’re looking to shop Eco & Luxe Co. products in person, you can find some of their pop-up shops, in various markets across B.C. through their market schedule.

Fort St. John

Check out Farmhouse on Main for some adorable eco-friendly gift ideas — and an afternoon pick-me-up! This coffee shop and gift shop serves a fresh cup of joe and locally sustainably made items, that are perfect for gifting.


In Kamloops, Our Footprints Eco Store & Refillery stands as a beacon for those seeking environmentally friendly alternatives. Explore their refill station and eco-friendly products, making it an ideal destination for a zero-waste holiday season.


Nestled in Kelowna, the Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm provides a fragrant and sustainable shopping experience. Discover small-batch lavender-infused gifts and locally grown herbs, offering a touch of natural luxury to your holiday celebrations.


Experience eco-aware living with Chuckling Duckling Farm, an online shop and farm, based in Langley. Their focus on all-natural products, refillable options, and clean living creates a sustainable shopping destination for conscientious gift-givers.


In Nanaimo, Triple Goddess Soapery brings the art of soap-making to a sustainable level. Explore their handmade, small-batch, eco-friendly goat milk soaps and skincare products, perfect for pampering your loved ones while being kind to the environment.

Oliver & Osoyoos

Explore the beauty of a self-sustainable farm at Hillside Orchards in Oliver, which is also a very quick trip away from Osoyoos. From fresh produce to ethically raised livestock, this farm offers a unique and delicious array of gifts that celebrate the richness of the South Okanagan.


Make your way to Parksville and indulge in the delectable offerings at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. Choose from a variety of sustainably produced cheeses, creating a perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Prince George

In the heart of Prince George, Homespun Refillery stands as a beacon of sustainable living, offering a unique and eco-friendly solution for Christmas gift seekers. Whether you choose to explore their charming in-store experience or conveniently shop online, Homespun Refillery provides a curated selection of sustainable kitchen, bathroom, and beauty products.


Conclude your sustainable shopping journey in Revelstoke at Forage & Fill Eco Retail Ltd. This eco-conscious store provides a variety of sustainable products, making it the perfect stop for those seeking environmentally friendly gifts.


Fresh from the Coast, is an artisan gift shop in Sechelt, B.C., which sells handmade, sustainable, local items. Explore through the shop’s selection, which includes items like luxurious soaps, handmade Christmas cards and stunning pieces of art.


Experience the culinary delights at Newmans Fine Foods in Tsawwassen. Discover a selection of sustainable and locally sourced gourmet treats, providing the perfect ingredients for a festive feast or delightful gift basket.


Nestled on Victoria Drive in Vancouver, The Coast Goods stands out as a one-stop shop, for those seeking sustainable and ethically made holiday gifts. The Coast Goods features everything from local independent artisans, ethically-made goods, and fair trade products. This local shop even has a specific “Holiday Goods” section making it all the easier to find the perfect holiday gift.

The Coast Goods


Begin your sustainable shopping journey in Victoria at The Good Planet Company. This eco-conscious store offers a thoughtfully curated selection of sustainable products, ranging from lifestyle essentials to gifts that leave a positive impact on the planet.

The Good Planet Company

Williams Lake

Visit NEXT GENeral Mercantile & Refillery for a sustainable gift option in Williams Lake. This business prides itself on being transparent, supporting women-owned BC businesses, and reducing waste. Here, you can find gifts with zero-waste wrapping and inexpensive options, under $25!

Tis the season for Bonus Cheer!

Make your sustainable holiday gift complete with a gift card to one of Coasts’ eco-friendly locations, across B.C.

Explore our eco-friendly hotels and join us in working together to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

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