10 Cute and Cozy Coffee Shops in and Around Calgary

Calgary has no shortage of cute and intimate coffee shops! Here are 10 that you need to put on your coffee-crawl hit list.

In 2023, we are going to romanticize our lives. Part of that includes our dreamy walks over to aesthetic and cozy cafes to enjoy our luxurious lattes. Calgary has no shortage of cute and intimate coffee shops that serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic date, study spot, or a simple place to people watch.

Here are 10 coffee shops in Calgary that you need to put on your coffee-crawl hit list.

1. Analog Coffee

This much-loved coffee shop serves up delicious drinks, small bites, and excellent intimate vibes. They have expanded a lot and have several locations across Calgary, making it accessible to everyone!

Located at: 740 17 Ave SW, #510 77 Ave SE, 5 Ave SW #205, 100 Anderson Rd SE #11, 102 Mahogany Centre SE, 308 4 Ave SW #215, 55 Greenbriar Dr NW #130

2. Pocket Coffee

For your coffee craving, Pocket Coffee will hit the spot! They have delicious pastries, fresh baguette, and delicious coffee drinks to satisfy your every need.

Located at: 317 19th Street NW

3. Monogram Coffee

The vibes at Monogram Coffee are simply perfection! If you wanted a place for some intimate conversation and yummy treats, then this is where you need to go.

Located at: 420 2nd Street SW

4. Socality House

Looking for a spot that feels cozy like a home? With intimate seating and a huge outdoor space with multiple floors, the Socality House will make your date feel so comfortable, it’ll be like you’re at home.

Located at: 831 17th Avenue SW

5. Fringe Coffee

This coffee and breakfast spot is the perfect place to start your day! Dive into some terrific eats with even better company by your side.

Located at: 4628 Bowness RD NW

6. Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Want to feel good about your coffee shop? Calgary Heritage Roasting Company plans to help plant over a million trees! Not to mention their delicious coffee and snacks. Now that’s a place you should want to patron!

Located at: 2020 11th Street SE

7. Vendome Cafe

For a delicious cup of coffee, head to Vendome Cafe. They offer organic fair trade coffee, delicious bites, brunch, and they even have bread made fresh, daily!

Located at: 940 2 Ave NW

8. Alforno Bakery

Coffee shop by day, luxurious wine bar by night! Whatever you’re feeling, Alforno Bakery has the perfect vibe for your date.

Located at: 222 – 7 ST SW

9. Lukes

Luke’s is Calgary’s oldest pharmacy, but it also serves amazing coffee! They serve delicious sandwiches, soups, ice cream, and other baked goods.

Located at: Bridgeland – 112 4th St NE. Killarney – 3407 26th Ave SW.

10. Deville

With so many locations, you know the coffee has to be good! Deville has options for all meals of the day making it a great spot for your date no matter when you need to grab a hot cup of joe!

Located at: 333 5th Ave SW, 600 – 6th Ave SW, 215 2nd St SW, 807 1st Street SW, 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Level 1 – 225 6th Ave SW, #100, 685 Centre St SW, 1122 Kensington Road NW, 8509 Broadcast Avenue, 1103 17th Ave SW, 227 12th Ave SW, #292, 10816 Macleod Trail SE, YYC Arrivals, Door 3 YYC Airport

So now that you have all your cafe inspo, all you need to do is text your date inviting them out! Your life can be as romantic as the movies, all you need is a pretty latte to make it happen.

Expand your Calgary bucket list of spots for later in the day (dinner dates, maybe?) with more Calgary date ideas!

Written by – Jenna Kaplan

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