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Human beings crave challenge, whether you think you like things easy or not. That’s why people get bored in jobs that don’t allow them to grow, or tired of relationships that never push them out of their comfort zone. This is why people say they need to ‘shake things up a bit’ when they’ve been in the same routine for too long. Our brains were made to problem solve, work through puzzles and figure things out by piecing together information little by little. If you want to stay active and interested, you’ve got to give your brain something to work on.

Now, add your partner into the equation and you have infinite things to do together. Why not challenge yourself with the one person you trust the most and learn something new together? Allow yourself to be taught something that they know better, or go dive into a topic that neither of you knows anything about. Take the time to invest in something new with your partner, broaden your understanding of the world and create new memories together. Netflix will still be there when you get back, so get off the couch and interact with each other and our city so that you can keep on challenging that big ol’ noggin of yours.

Learn together this November and connect on a whole new level with these top ideas:

Challenge Your Body

Hotshop Hot Yoga & Spin has three trendy locations around the city for you and your partner to learn more about your mind-body connection. In one studio, you can learn how flexible your body is and also how fast you can make your legs go. Push yourself to the limit in the spin room and then let it all go in the hot yoga room. I guarantee this is the sweatiest you and your partner will ever see each other!

Compete for Knowledge

It’s Date Night presents… Harry Potter Trivia Night on November 12th! Challenge each other to see who’s childhood equipped them better for the battle of Hogwarts knowledge, or choose to team up and take on all those other suckers who don’t stand a chance. Psstttt… Date Night Insiders members get a discount on all It’s Date Night events – just sayin’.

Learn Something New

Do you know what ingredients your favourite spirits are made from? Or the complete process from start to finish when it comes to making beer, liqueurs and high-end spirits? Unless you’ve taken the Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program like Jordan, we doubt it. Take a tour at Burwood Distillery to learn just this and more. Plus, they will guide you and your date through a spirit tasting – may the best taster win.

Problem Solve

Have you and your date ever had to solve a problem before? And no we don’t mean where you should eat dinner tonight or who should drive to the movie. Problem-solving is a real skill that many people don’t exercise often enough. Escape 60 has unique escape rooms where you can both learn how each other problem solve and how you act under pressure. This is the new Ikea building furniture test of relationships – can you work together to solve clues and escape the room without bickering before the timer runs out?!

If you like any/all of these events, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You, my friend, can get exclusive discounts to each of these experiences by simply joining our Date Night Insiders Club – a $19 monthly investment that you’ll get back in 1-2 experiences. Now that is a good deal.

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