#CouplesofYYC: Meet Adam + Alex

Meet local couple Adam and Alex. #CouplesofYYC

Meet local couple Adam and Alex (@adamxalexandra). The two are a pair of mega-talented wedding photographers based in Calgary with a special day of their own coming up 💍. They also happen to be coffee and movie fanatics so you know they’re our type of people (we learned through IG that Alex saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 eight times in theatres and we really respect that kind of commitment.) Read on to learn more about Adam and Alex.

Photo: @katchsilva

How long have you been together?

Six years!

How did you meet?

A mutual friend introduced us. Adam knew it was a set-up, Alex had no idea.

If you could choose two celebrities to play yourselves in a movie, who would you choose an why? What would the movie be about? 

Alex: Mindy Kaling. I feel like she represents my sass level accurately + I also adore her.

Adam: Ghostbusters-era Bill Murray. He would just basically take every aspect of my personality and make me seem 10x better than I actually am.

A comedy about two best friends setting out on a ridiculous but kind of mundane mission, like finding their cat a very specific pair of rain boots that aren’t manufactured anymore. They have awkward encounters, stop to eat constantly, accidentally sleep through something important, but ultimately ind what they’re looking for in an unexpected way. Think Harold and Kumar go to White Castle meets Moonrise Kingdom.

What are your top 3 date spots in Calgary?

1. Red’s in Kensington
2. Tubby Dog
3. The Big Rock Erratic just outside the city

Photo: @katchsilva

If one of your favourite artists were to write a song about you, what would it be called and why?

“The Next Episode”, a kind of homage to Dr. Dre’s 2001. It shares the title of one of “our” songs from that album and we’re Netflix junkies ALWAYS clicking to watch the next episode.

What would your advice be on how to overcome challenges in a relationship?

Communicate openly, with kindness and empathy. And even in your lowest of lows, never stop saying thank you and I love you.

What superpower does your partner have?

Alex: His level of chill. Seriously, Adam is just the chillest dude you’d ever meet. He’s so patient, never stresses over small stuff, and is almost never in a rush (whenever we’re walking outside, he very literally always stops to smell the roses).

Adam: Probably making people feel comfortable. Is that weird? I just feel like she just has a way about her that generally puts people at ease and makes them feel like they can open up to her. That’s a superpower in my books.

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