#CouplesofYYC: Meet Brett and TJ

Meet local couple Brett and TJ. #CouplesofYYC
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Meet local couple Brett (@bbroms90) and TJ (@tjfedyk). The two have been together for almost 6 years, have an incredible sense of humour and love to have a good time – but ask them how they met and they’ll both likely have a different story to tell. We loved learning more about the couple and we know you will too. Read on to learn more about Brett and TJ.


How long have you been together?

Approaching 6 years in October – or 2,104 days to be specific.

How did you meet?

We both tell this story in very different ways depending on the audience. TJ tells the truth – we meet how the majority of people meet now a days… online. We talked for three weeks over text and phone before we met in person. Brett was such a funny guy and consistently made me laugh time during these conversations. When we met it just sealed the deal… (look at him). Brett prefers to avoid the question.

If you could choose two celebrities to play yourselves in a movie, who would you choose and why? What would the movie be about?

Brett would be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Strangers love to break the ice with “has anyone ever told you who you look like?” TJ would be played by Zac Efron. TJ would be willing to spend some time getting to know each other to ensure Zac has the Oscar winning performance. Depending on budget of the film, Ryan Reynolds would balance the cast out as he’s Brett’s favourite actor. Surprisingly, after 50 Instagram date invites, @vancityreynolds hasn’t taken Brett up on any of the dates.

The movie would be a raunchy, romantic comedy coming out story – focusing on the first two years of our relationship. Brett was slower to go public , sneaking around and a few lies lead to some really funny situations.

What are your top 3 date spots in Calgary?

1.  Live Theatre – We love to support local live theatres in Calgary and have seen some amazing performances this season – Legally Blonde (Stage West), The Outsiders (Story Book Theatre), Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Front Row Centre) and Onegin (Theatre Calgary)

2. Disc Golf – There are a few disc golf courses in Calgary that we hit up. It is a great way to get outside to enjoy the weather and have a friendly competition.

3. Happy Hours – we both like to search out the best happy hours in Calgary. We are always up for trying the new ones out. It is a great way to dine out and save some coin. This summer one of our favourites has been Ox Tapas Bar.

Most of our weekday dates are on the volleyball court, slo-pitch diamond or field. Playing sports with a partner can lead to some conflicting emotions; but it’s always nice to share those winning moments.  

If Taylor Swift (or one of your favourite artists) were to write a song about you, what would it be called and why?

Taylor Swift frequently sings about bitter break ups – so we will trust someone else with singing “our song”.

We would need someone like Celine Dion to really capture the loving moments; with a fun Cardi B verse to capture the dancing crazy side.

“What if we didn’t” – Celine Dion ft. Cardi B  – Brett has a serious case of FOMO. When you combine this with our love of travel, it leads to a few trips and what if moments. Traveling has helped us see the good and bad in each other and allowed us grow as a couple. YYC Deals makes frequent trips possible – hoping for a deal to Tel Aviv or South Africa in the near future.

What would your advice be on how to overcome challenges in a relationship?

Each partner brings their own perspectives to the relationship. When one person is facing a challenging time, it helps to understand how your partner might be looking at it. Some people might say we spend too much time together; however, we always try to compromise, understand each other’s view and learn to appreciate each other’s interests.

What superpower does your partner have?

Brett’s superpower is tracking down fun. He is always finding things in Calgary and anywhere we travel that I have never heard of or ever thought of doing.

TJ’s super power is the ability to slow things down, freeze time and make sure everyone catches their breath. In a fast paced world it is always great when this power is activated because it provides a reality check and a sense of relaxation.

How has It’s Date Night helped improve your relationship both with the city and as a couple?

We love going out exploring the city and trying new things. Date Night has helped us find many new events, concerts and restaurants to try. Date night helps keep our relationship exciting and new all the time.

Want to be part of our Date Night community? We believe that dates are all about spending quality time with someone you love and exploring our beautiful city. So if you want to be featured, send us a request to info@itsdatenight.com with your bae, your best friend, or your dog (after all, dogs are BFF’s too).

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