#CouplesofYYC: Meet Christiane and Jeff

Meet local couple Christiane and Jeff. #CouplesofYYC

This local couple, who has been together for over 13 years, gets real with us about how to make love work. #CouplesofYYC

Read on to get to know more about Christiane (@cmtrottier) and Jeff (jwatt89).

What age best describes you?
We’re both old souls!

How long have you been together?
We started dating on December 1st, 2004. Yes, that’s over 13 years ago.

Where did you meet?
High school gym class

What’s your favourite date to go on in YYC?
Out for dinner then to Theatre Calgary

Do you have ‘pet names’ or nicknames for each other?
Honestly, too many to name

Best relationship advice?
Be affectionate. Spend quality time together. Let each other change and grow.

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