#CouplesOfYYC: Meet David and Erika

Meet local couple David and Erika. #CouplesofYYC

This lovely pair recently celebrated their two year anniversary this past weekend so obviously we were happy to say ‘heck yes’ when they asked to be featured. We are so happy for the two lovebirds and we know you will be too. Join us in wishing them a happy anni and read on to get to know more about David (@thenotorious_david) and Erika (@eerikanegrete).

What age best describes you?
We’re both in our 20’s 
How long have you been together?
Our second anniversary is this March 11th. So exactly two years!

Where did you meet?
It’s a fun story. We went to the same university (MRU) for over three years and never crossed paths. Then one day I was invited to a friends birthday, who just happened to be her cousin. I realized I had known almost everyone in her family during all those years except for her. We were introduced at the house party, and well, here we are today!

What’s your favourite date to go on in YYC?
During winter we enjoy playing board games, so we’ll go to Hexagon Cafe. We also do paint nights and visit Zoolights. During summer, we love finding new things to do throughout the city, walking along Kensington or 17th, as well as camping, hiking and visiting the Rockies.

Do you have ‘pet names’ or nicknames for each other?
To some of our friends, we are Apex and Tiki!

Best relationship advice?

Be yourselves from the very start, and build a relationship based on respect, honesty, communication, faithfulness, and love.

Want you and your bae to be featured as a couple? Send your request to info@itsdatenight.com and we’ll holler at you for the next steps.

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