#CouplesofYYC: Meet Grace and Merrill

Meet local couple Grace and Merrill. #CouplesofYYC

Meet local couple Grace (@grace.iverson) and Merrill (@friesenmerrill). Their photos together are so sweet they seriously scream #relationshipgoals. Often captured canoodling together with toothy smiles, we were so excited to learn more about this couple. Read on to get to know more about Grace and Merrill.

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together a year and a half!

How did you meet?

So I was brand new into town (Fort St John) and crashed a party of his with a local best friend, and Merrill saw me at the door and has chased me down ever since.

If you could choose two celebrities to play yourselves in a movie, who would you choose and why? What would the movie be about?

We would choose the favorite Hollywood couple: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to play ourselves in an adventure movie because Reynolds is real funny, such a smooth talker and obviously attractive just like Merrill. Lively would play me because of her confidence, cuteness and a secret foodie at heart much like myself!

The movie would be Indiana Jones style: Merrill would be a treasure hunter but before his mission begins he encounters me as a local waitress where he takes my alongside to find the long lost jewel in the forbidden caves in Mesopotamia.

What are your top 3 date spots in Calgary?

1. Trolley 5
2. The Guild
3. The Eau Claire area is a favorite that we return to – especially on summer nights!

If your favourite artist were to write a song about you, what would it be called and why?

There actually already is a song written about us, Midwest Magic by John Tibbs. Well, alright he didn’t really write it about us but he basically could have. We’re both from the Midwest!

What would your advice be on how to overcome challenges in a relationship?

Always be willing to be the first to love, the first to forgive and the first to sacrifice.

What superpower does your partner have?

I definitely have the superpower of sleep – anytime and anywhere and Merrill has the superpower ability of an extreme smooth talker.

Photography: @jayrmcdonald

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