#CouplesofYYC: Meet Rob and Ryan

Meet local couple Rob and Ryan. #CouplesofYYC

Meet local couple Rob and Ryan @ryanandrob

The couple is an inspiration to YYC and a major success story with their sweet pictures and #relationshiptalk, we can easily see the connection and endless love between them. We caught up with the couple to learn more about them and we’re sure glad we did. Read on to get to learn more about Rob & Ryan.

1. What are your Instagram handles?

Rob: @robgairns

Ryan: @immrfabulous

US: @ryanandrob

2. How long have you been together?

2 years married, together 15 years. 

(Not so fun LGBTQ fact: Same sex marriage was not legalized when we first met) 

3. If you could choose two celebrities to play yourselves in a movie, who would you choose and why? What would the movie be about?

Ryan Says: 

I think Rob would be best played by Eric Cormick from Will & Grace fame. His character as Will is much like Rob; Sensible, responsible, educated and caring.

Me, obviously I’d be ‘JUST JACK’ a completely off his rocker dreamer who’s as dramatic as he is cute.

Rob Says: 

Ryan would be played by a dreamboat like Ryan Reynolds cause they’re basically twins. I would be played by someone awkward like Penn Badgley… The movie would follow us in our travels and show Ryan making friends everywhere he goes and Rob trying to sneak in stops at famous architectural sites along the way without Ryan noticing (because there is a doughnut shop on the other side). 

4. What are your top 3 date spots in Calgary?

Ryan Says: 

We are out attending events so many nights a week that a quiet date night at home alone together is my favorite place to be. 

Rob says:

I love going for walks from our condo in the Beltline up to Mount Royal together, talking about our life and dreaming of the day we can build our dream-house up there!

We love to go for nice meals together in our neighbourhood, specifically Market. We go and pretend like we’re not automatically going to order our favourite things on the menu… Chicken Sandwich and Brussels Sprouts anyone?

A rafting date down the Bow from Bowness Park to the Peace Bridge is a great way to eliminate distractions and connect. 

5. If one of your favourite artists were to write a song about you, what would it be called and why?

Ryan Says:

Jann Arden is hands down one of my favorite artists of all times. I’ve been to dozens of her concerts across Canada, contest meet-and-greets, and even had the opportunity to appear in her latest television series JANN.

I’m sure if she were to write a song including me, it would be called; “You’re the popcorn in my gusset”. 

Rob says: 

We would want Sara Bareilles to write an entire Broadway show about our life together called “Back Scratches”; our life together is too full of adventures and stories to be captured in just one song… We would need an intermission to get through it! 

6. What would your advice be on how to overcome challenges in a relationship?

Ryan Says: 

Find a partner who is practically perfect in every way and let’s you ‘win‘ most of the time. 

Or one who has a bad memory and forgets why they were ever upset in the first place (that’s me).

Rob says: 

Laugh together and be silly at every turn. Don’t take it all so seriously. Listen to what each other’s goals and dreams are and support each other every step of the way… Try and always remember that even though you’re in it together, you have your own lives and your own stresses – this will help contextualize if one of you is having a moment and the other isn’t.

7. What superpower does your partner have?

Ryan Says:

He can decipher and understand what I’m talking about when I have no actual details about what I’m even talking about…

Does that make sense? 

It does to Rob.

Rob says: 

Ryan can be having an off day and flip a switch as he walks into a room and have everyone gravitate towards him. His charisma is unmatched. 


8. How has It’s Date Night helped improve your relationship both with the city and as a couple?

The name It’s Date Night alone has reminded us to actually take them. To make time for each other and add something special to even our simplest ‘dates’ at home.

A special dessert or just picking up a bag of BBQ chips can take a normal night at home and turn it into something more.

We also love being on the email list and getting date night ideas emailed to us every week. 

And although we missed Friends Trivia Night, we know in our hearts that we are the ultimate champs. (Well Rob is anyway) 



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