#CouplesofYYC: Meet Sharlene and Vince

Meet local couple Sharlene and Vince. #CouplesofYYC

To say that this couple loves all things sports could be an understatement. #CouplesofYYC

In the most romantic Calgary Hitmen game of the year, Vince Gripping (@gripster.14) popped the big question to his girlfriend Sharlene (@s.teves10). Using the help of a mock game show similar to The Newlyweds and his friends dressed in special jerseys, the groom-to-be asked his now-fiancee to marry him on a perfectly jumbotron captured moment. We loved reading this story and love sharing it even more. Read on to find out more about the happily engaged couple.

What age best describes you?
We are in our 20’s.

How long have you been together?
We have been together for almost 3 years. (Our wedding day is set for June 16, 2018 – our 3 year anniversary).

Where did you meet?
We met in Calgary.

What’s your favourite date to go on in YYC?
We love watching sporting events. Hockey, football and lacrosse. And I’d have to say our date nights are usually in the gym, playing co-ed basketball together! And walks with our puppy.

Do you have ‘pet names’ or nicknames for each other?
We just call each other ‘babe.’

Best relationship advice?
Always respect one other and learn to help each other through each other’s weaknesses. Always remember that at the end of the day there’s no one else you would rather be with, so it’s okay to back down and just say sorry.  

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