Creating Memorable Date Nights With Don’t Overthink It

Don't Overthink It

Escaping the old dinner and movie routine for date nights shouldn’t be intimidating. Don’t Overthink It is a card game designed to be a fun mental exercise to help put life’s little annoyances into perspective. We also discovered first-hand that it is an incredibly creative way to get to know your partner on a deeper level.

Perfect to play over FaceTime, during a girls night, catching up with an old friend and of course date nights – Don’t Overthink It can be played as a drinking game or standard card game to get to know other players better. The insightful questions will force you to think on the spot and provide honest answers without overthinking your responses. 

Don’t Overthink It was created by Kayla Kapas in Toronto during the pandemic as a way to turn her passion for card games into a business that allows people to have fun and create memorable moments. 

So How Do You Play?

Each player takes a turn picking up a card and reads the question on the card out loud.

Once the player answers the question, they must also answer why their response was provided.

If the player is overthinking their answer (based on majority votes) the player drinks (drinking adaptation) or gains a point (non-drinking version). 

General rule – if a player does not provide a confident answer within a minute, they’re overthinking! 

The player with the most points loses so hey, don’t overthink it! 

Smiling man playing Don't Overthink It - the perfect game for date nights!

Doing Some Good

To make it even better, Don’t Overthink It has dedicated itself to giving back to the community. They are a contributor to Business in the Streets (BITS) – a non-profit organization in Toronto providing young people from disadvantaged, marginalized, and underserved communities access to quality entrepreneurial programs, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 100% of the profit that is donated when purchasing Don’t Overthink It will be given to BITS.

Group of smiling individuals from BITS - a non-profit organization supported by Don't Overthink It.
Photo Credit to @bitsto

If you’re looking to elevate your next at-home date night, click here to order your copy of Don’t Overthink It!

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