Date Night Getaway: Stay In A Treehouse

Go on a romantic getaway to The Birdhouse
Stay in a treehouse. A girl sitting in a loft bed. Stay in a tree house out in Chilliwack, BC

Stay in a Treehouse

Remember when you were little and you dreamed of adventures in a treehouse. You could have pretended it was a spaceship, or maybe a castle on top of a mountain, or maybe even a place where you hid all the good snacks and candy. Either way we’re here to tell you that you can relive your childhood memories right here in Chilliwack, BC! That’s right, welcome to the bird house nestled at the edge of the mountains and in close quarters to your new bff’s Cinnamon and Leroy. 🐮 🐮 Here is your next date night getaway to stay in a treehouse. 

Welcome to The Birdhouse

Picture this, you’re driving down a little gravel road and come up to a bit of a steep hill. On your left you are passing the treehouse that is lit up all along the bridge, a head of you is a small hill that you climb to the parking area. You park the car and get out to see stunning mountains, a romantic fire pit complete with roasting sticks, and just off to the left is the bridge to your treehouse dreams coming true.

You head towards the bridge to check out your little home for the next couple of nights. As you enter, there is room to hang up coats and take off your shoes. You turn right and there is a full sink/kitchen set up equipped with pretty much everything except an oven. A full pantry is to your left with cups, plates, a mini fridge and a top shelf of great games to play around the fire. 

As you continue on there is a mini couch the folds out into small bed and on the left is a high bar table. The bathroom is also just behind that. The doors directly in front lead you out onto a spacious patio where you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea. 

In the middle of the tree house is the rolling ladder leading you up to the loft bed. Now let us tell you that this might be the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept on. We felt like we were on clouds. There is a wall folding TV but we decided to watch the stars from the two huge skylight windows above the bed. 

Now if all that doesn’t get you excited, head on back out over the bridge and check out the unreal outdoor shower below the treehouse. The water is hot and the shower pressure is great! Outdoor showers just hit different ya know. 

So now that you’ve taken the tour, unpack, relax and enjoy being out in your own secluded date night getaway.

What to do and how to book

The Bird house can bo found on instagram: @bctreehouse or check out their Airbnb listing here.

They are the nicest hosts and always checking in to make sure your stay is incredible! 

Now there is lots to do while staying at the treehouse:


No matter what kind of romantic date night getaway you are looking for, the tree house has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? You need to stay in a tree house!

Lisa and Ben are the best hosts and are ready to help you have an amazing experience! Check them out on instagram @bctreehouse or check out their airbnb listing here. We also have a full treehouse tour here for you to check out!


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