Date Night Getaway To The Lagoon Float Camp


So you are looking for a new romantic getaway for you and your sweet heart. Well, look no further than a trip to Tofino and staying at the beautiful float camp tucked away in the islands. Just a quick boat trip with Tofino Boating Co, you are transported to a stunning off grid oasis surrounded by the ocean breeze, beautiful green trees, and maybe the most stunning sunset you’ve ever seen. You are absolutely in for a treat booking a romantic getaway here and did we mention they have a sauna on the this personal dock island! Read on for our date night experience here. 

The lagoon float camp in Tofino British Columbia. The water is calm, the sky is blue and you are looking down the dock into the float camp.
A girl sitting at the lagoon float camp sipping from a pink wine cup.

First off you meet Dan, an awesome guy and your captain for this unreal Airbnb, at the Tofino Marina. He provides you with a cooler full of ice as well as another cooler at the dock for all your food and drinks. You’re definitely going to want to grab a couple of beers from Tofino Brewing Co on your way to the marina. Once you are loaded into the boat, it’s only about a 10 minute ride over to the float camp. You cruise through amazing views of the mountains and pass by other boats, fishing buoys, and if you are lucky the odd sea animal. 

A Little Slice Of Paradise

You’ll soon see the float camp off in the distance with your new friend Ducky. More on him later. 

 Hop off the boat with all your gear and take the tour of the float camp with Dan. The main kitchen and dining area is what you will run into first. It is fully stocked up with everything you need to cook on the two burner stove. Dan provides you with a cooler full of ice as well as another empty cooler to split everything you brought to the camp with you. You know like one for the cheeky beverages and one for your breakfast, lunch, and dinners. There is a full running water tap and a couple of giant jugs for drinking water out of a spout. Now, moving back out onto the dock, you will walk to the middle of the building and find the toilet, shower and sink. It is a nice spacious bathroom and smells incredible because of what you find next. 

lagoon float camp

Now that you are settled in and Dan has left you to relax and crack a cold one, find your perfect chair to relax in or opt for a snooze in the hammock at the end of the dock.

A girl walking into the sauna at the lagoon float camp.

At the very back of the building, you will run into the wood stove burning sauna. That sauna will make all your dreams come true. Over to the left of the main building and dock is the popup bell tent decked out with a huge bed and super comfy blankets. There are two little seats you can also relax on, but truly you will be spending most of your time outdoors. 

A girl sitting in the kitchen section of the lagoon float camp in Tofino British Columbia

Now that you are settled in and Dan has left you to relax and crack a cold one, find your perfect chair to relax in or opt for a snooze in the hammock at the end of the dock. 

 We also recommend talking the row boat out for a cruise around the bay to check out the potential wild life and shore line. Or find yourself floating on ducky, the amazing blow up duck that has lasted over 4 years keeping guest company! Another thing you absolutely need to do if you have clear skies while staying at the lagoon float camp is to lay on the dock and watch the stars after it gets dark. With no light pollution, you are in for a real treat gazing up at the Milky Way. Also don’t be alarmed if you hear floating friends in the water at night, the sea otters like to play under the dock.

lagoon float camp Tofino British Columbia

The Lagoon Float Camp is truly an incredible experience and we absolutely think that you need to book a date night getaway here. You can find Dan’s place through their instagram @tofinoboatingco or check out their Airbnb listing.

You can also check out everything Dan has going on at 

Let us know on @datenightbc if you visit the #lagoonfloatcamp

Make sure to continue to make the most of the summer we have left and plan some amazing date ideas for British Columbia in August! For more date night inspiration, click here!

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