Date Night Guide To BC’s 4 Step Re-opening Plan

Date Night can start looking a little different as we move through the 4 step re-opening plan for the province
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British Columbia has announced a 4 Step re-opening plan to get the province back on track. It is currently working  towards the 2nd step to re-open the province with the 4th step being executed at the earliest date of September 7th. Full details can be found here, but this is our take away and what you can look forward to in the coming months in regards to getting out with your date or planning a double date.


Phase 1 - Starting May 25th

What we will see

  • Personal outdoor gatherings up to 10 people
  • Personal indoor gatherings up to 5 people or 1 other house hold
  •  Restaurant dining indoor or outdoor with up to 6 people
  • Liquor service ending at 10pm

What date night could be:

Group date in the park with your favourite takeout. Every couple can bring an item from their favourite restaurant and you can set up blankets in a park to enjoy. Bonus points, watch the sunset and play a game between the couples. 

Going out or staying in:

Join up to two other couples at a local spot you all haven’t tried. Pick somewhere close to home you can all walk to or take a walk after eating. Enjoy dessert in a park or on your stroll after dinner. Get those steps in.  

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Phase 2 - Earliest Date June 15th

What we will see

  • Outdoor personal gatherings up to 50 people
  • Indoor personal gatherings up to 50 people
  • Travel around BC
  • Liquor service until midnight

What date night could be:

Your next date might be at an intimate outdoor wedding or birthday party. Celebrate accomplishments over the last year with friends and family or rent an airbnb with friends. 

Going out or staying in:

Have a dinner party at home with friends. Everyone can bring their favourite beverage of choice to share. Or enjoy some late night drinks on a double date around town.

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Phase 3 - Earliest Date July 1st

What we will see

  • Fairs & festivals to open with COVID-19 Safety Plans
  • Canada wide travel
  • Indoor fitness classes
  • Bingo halls, nightclubs, and casinos can operate at limited capacity

What date night could be:

Date night could be at Playland eating all your favourite treats and winning prizes though the carnival games. Or go out and try a new workout class. Treat yourselves to smoothies afterwards and cool down.

Going out or staying in:

Take that road trip you’ve been dying to do for the past year and a bit. Go and head out with a few couples to check out some of the incredible airbnb’s you have all  been stalking on instagram. Explore the province.

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Phase 4 - Earliest September 7th

What we will see

  • Sporting events back to normal with COVID-19 safety plans in place. 
  • Increased capacity for organized events such as concerts
  • Masks no longer mandatory 

What date night could be:

Dinner and a hockey game to start the 2021/22 hockey season off. Cheer on the Canucks again sitting in the arena enjoying a couple of beverages and sporting our favourite jersey.

Going out or staying in:

Dining out at restaurants with friends and family without having to wear a mask. Enjoying group events with very limited to no restrictions.

Normal social contact. 

As things slowly change and get back on track we recommend always checking the BC Government website for the most up to date information and safety guidelines for the 4 step re-opening plan. With things changing and more information coming available, we will keep updating our date ideas and recommendations so you can make the most of all your date night.

Source: BC Government Information Page  

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