Baby’s First Time at Disney: A Family #DateNight


Visiting Walt Disney World at any age can be a magical experience—young or old. As someone who has always loved Disney, I was so excited to bring my family on this adventure. 

Though some cautioned that Olivia—my daughter—might be too young, after doing some research, I quickly learned that Disney World is actually a very baby-friendly place. 

As we made our way through Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, we were more than impressed with all the family friendly activities available. Our mommy, daddy, and baby #DisneyDate was nothing short of top notch. 

To help the other Disney aficionados out there who can’t wait to plan their baby’s first trip to Disney World, I’m rounding up my favourite family-friendly activities, as well as all the things that are helpful to know before and during your trip.

Baby Care Centres

photo by Josh Seaton

With Baby Care Centres located within all four parks, you’re never concerned about finding a convenient location to feed, change, and nurse the little ones. 

These centres are incredibly well-stocked with backup supplies for anything you might have forgotten or run out of. 

The centre in general was a safe space for us to reset. 


photo by Josh Seaton

Though we brought our own stroller, for those who prefer to rent, Disney World has stroller rentals throughout the different parks. 

A baby carrier is also a great thing to bring along! These are especially handy for if (and when) your baby won’t sleep. Baby carriers are also handy when using Disney transportation services as you’ll need to fold up your stroller and store under the bus. 

Photo Opportunities 

The photo opportunities are endless at Disney World—and always so much fun. They make for the perfect keepsakes that you can show your baby as they grow up (plus, those photos you take in the same spot years later, gold!)

Pro tip: find and use the Disney photographers! All the high quality photos are automatically uploaded right into your Disney Go app for you to purchase and download. Moreover, these photo memories will be perfect to reminisce and recreate every time we return as a family to Disney World

Disney Parades

photo by Josh Seaton

Baby or not, you’ll always find me scoping out the parades and waving at Mickey Mouse! The parades are extraordinary and definitely an activity that the whole family can enjoy. 

Watch your baby chuckle and smile as they see these friendly and loving characters come to life as they pass by. This is truly a Disney World right of passage!

Family-Friendly Attractions

There are plenty of baby-friendly rides and shows available throughout the different parks.

Our favourites include: the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Jungle Cruise, and Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. 

Rider Switch

For the rides that are a little less baby-friendly, did you know that Disney has made a rider switch program available for some rides. This means that if one parent is waiting with the baby—that parent doesn’t necessarily have to skip out on the ride or wait in line again! Rather, by talking to a cast member beforehand and confirming that the rider switch is available for the ride at hand, the parents can take turns riding and watching the kids. 

If you’re not quite there yet and are planning a Disney World date night getaway, no baby, then we got some amazing suggestions for you, check them out here!

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