11 Doughnuts in YYC to Curb your Cravings

We have rounded up a guide to 9 of the best doughnuts in YYC. We apologize in advance for the incoming cravings.

Stampede only comes around once a year, and although we all get our fix of mini donuts during those 10 days, it’s definitely not enough to sustain our fluffy, doughy, sugar-covered cravings all year round. Luckily, we know the struggle and that’s why we have rounded up a guide to 11 of the best doughnuts in YYC. 

We apologize in advance for the incoming cravings. 

1. Holy Cow

When you’re craving a full meal with a burger and gelato, or an incredibly unique and flavourful afternoon donut, Holy Cow is the place to go. Each month they have an assortment of sweet flavours, and then one feature savoury donut like Spinach Dip or Cacio E Pepe (including a parmesan crisp and black pepper sourdough), most flavours are unique and tempting, but all of them absolutely yummy.

2. Ritual Doughnuts

Every Monday at 4pm you can put in an order with Ritual for their incredible everything-made-from-scratch donuts. If you miss the opportunity, you can track them down at a few local spots, including – Monogram, Blush Lane, Bridgeland Market and Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

3. Hoopla

Started by our local friends at Phil and Sebastian, and inspired by the classically amazing pairing of a coffee and doughnuts. Made fresh every day and featuring delicious seasonal features such as Cranberry Orange Old Fashioned around Christmas time and a Pancake inspired creation during Stampede!

4. Jelly Modern

Born from a vision of making a doughnut an elevated, artisanal treat, Jelly Modern is now a Calgarian staple with their well-known, well-loved flavours. Ask the nearest Calgarian – they will not only have heard of Jelly Modern, they will know their go-to flavour.

5. Frankie D’s Donuts

Now these may not be in Calgary, but since these epically fluffy and tasty donuts are in Canmore, they also come with a beautiful trip out to the mountains! We have tried a few of their flavours, and although the Apple Fritter is our current favourite, we know we’re only one bite from finding another delicious flavour to dream about.

Want to learn more about Frankie D and his moms and their love story, including an amazing couple, delicious donuts and an adorably fluffy dog? Click here!

6. Donut Club YYC

From our friends who brought us UNA comes Donut Club YYC – each week they bring us insane flavours, including gluten-free and delicious everything bagel, cream cheese-filled donut holes. Be ready every Monday at noon otherwise you’ll miss out on the deliciousness. It’s worth setting an alarm and waiting until the clock strikes noon to get your order in. Trust. They’re currently taking a well-deserved break, but as soon as they’re back, I’m sure they’ll come back more delicious than ever.

7. Pretty Sweet Bakeshop

Although the Pretty Sweet team are experts at all sweets including wedding cakes, cookies, macarons and everything in between, they’re doughnuts are truly something special. With fun seasonal flavours for every occasion and inspiration you can think of – from Lady Gaga to Harry Potter and Valentine’s Day to Pride Month and everything in between – their delights are constantly as creatively beautiful as they are yummy. 

8. Sweet Rice

Have you tried a mochi donut? If you haven’t, you have to. They are delightfully chewy and sweet and a little something different for the doughnut lovers out there. If you’re not a doughnut fan and you have still found yourself reading this list – try a mochi donut from Sweet Rice for good measure. Plus – they’re naturally gluten free!

9. Beebop Donuts

If you’re looking for a perfectly fluffy doughnut with some unique flavour combinations, Beebop is for you! A Beebop team favourite is their buttercream and cheddar for that sweet and salty fix, and they also have peach cobbler, amarula and ube!

10. Calgary Mini Donuts

A Calgarian staple since 2004. That is almost 20 years of mini-donut deliciousness. Whether you like them hot and fresh or you let them cool off while you’re two-stepping, the question isn’t yes or no. It’s – How fast can you polish off a bucket by yourself? Definitely a MUST when it comes to sampling doughnuts in YYC. Be sure to check their instagram to find out where their truck is parked when you need a fix.

11. BAKED Protein Doughnuts

Health conscious and don’t want to give in to pure joy in the form of sugar-filled heaven? Our friends at Baked Doughnuts make it so you don’t have to say no. Baked goods are all  100% Gluten-Free and Vegan Protein doughnuts and still serve all the deliciousness.

Our goal is to taste all the doughnuts in YYC until we find our favourite flavour at every spot in the city. Wanna join us? Start with this guide and share your doughnut dates by tagging us in your adventures #itsdatenight.

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