Exploring Bowen Island for the Perfect BC Day Trip


In early Spring, on a mildly weathered weekend, we decided to embark on our very first BC Ferries adventure and took a day trip to explore one of the most nearby islands near Vancouver – Bowen Island.

This is the most easily accessible island from Vancouver with lots of charm, making for a relaxing getaway and the ultimate date in nature. Perfect for impressing your significant other, hanging with your best friends, or spending some times with family.

getting there

The total journey to Bowen Island is just 20 minutes on the ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver and will only set you back 11$ per person.

During the whole ferry ride there, you’re greeted with stunning mountainous and tree dense backdrops. We didn’t know which side to look at since it was all so mesmerizing! As we were approaching Snug Cove, we could tell that there’s a lot of natural beauty on this small but special island. 

what to do on Bowen Island


Once we arrived, we had the idea to visit a coffee shop on the island so we went straight to Tell Your Friends Café, since it’s right next to the bay. It had the absolute cutest setting with tree trunks as chairs and the blankets on top of the chairs added such a cozy atmosphere to it all. 

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and got some fuel for the rest of the adventure ahead. We then wandered around aimlessly to explore the unique shops in the area and checked out the local library as well.


We had initially heard there were nice hikes in the area with varying levels of difficulty; and after doing some research (and not having proper hiking wear for the snow on the hills), we decided to go with a simpler and more straightforward hike.

The trail we did is called Dorman Point in Crippen Regional Park. It’s a short but moderate hike that takes about 30 minutes to get to the summit, and reaches a pretty steep incline halfway there.

The scenic views and fresh mountain air made the climb that much more worth it. Just make sure you wear hiking boots if you visit in early spring!

Overall, this island felt like the perfect slow day getaway where you can have the chance to wind down and be swept away by its significant charm and cute shops.

It offers such a nice chance to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding natural beauty. If you had access to a car, you could definitely reach some of the further away hikes that the island offers. 

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