Find Your New Fave datenight Spot With The Scout Local App

Let's head into 2022 by finding new spots for date night

“#itsdatenight and I don’t know where to go.” Well, you’re in luck—Scout Local is a Bow Valley start-up with all the answers for any foodie dilemma or indecisiveness. Whether you’re travelling to a new city, going on a date or meeting friends for a drink, the question remains: where are we going to go?

Scout Local is a web application that connects users to hidden gems in Calgary and the Bow Valley. Independent bars and restaurants are full of soul, and Scout Local wants to build that community by showing you the best unique spots in town. 

Community and Culture

Born from the need for culture, Megan Rudneski, Scout Local founder, says the app arose from her experiences as a West Jet flight attendant. “We would have these layovers in cities across Canada,” says Rudneski. “And I always eat at hotel restaurants because it is hard to find hidden gems.”

The big box restaurants have good food and serve most price points, but they don’t necessarily exhibit a culture other than their corporate brand’s. It’s the people associated with the local neighbourhood eatery or pub that represent the area’s social flavour.

“Connecting people with community and culture is important to me because it’s what I value most,” says Rudneski.  

Small businesses like the Kensington Pub in Calgary or Banff’s Ticino Swiss-Italian Restaurant are family-owned and have been around for generations. As soon as you sit down, you can feel the history. The bars are made from original wood, and the walls have local art. 

How it Works

Scout Local connects users to places they love and places they never knew existed. Go to and the app uses your phone or computer’s location to suggest options in your area by populating their specials, happy hours and events.

Scout Local is your one-stop shop. Instead of scouring your maps application and linking back and forth to websites, each vendor’s profile displays their month’s calendar, amenities, menu, schedule, social media and reviews.

Instead of wasting time trying to think of somewhere to go, try out Scout Local and find your new favourite spot for datenight!

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