This Friendship Ring Workshop Is the Cutest Bestie Date in Edmonton

This is where you can spend the evening with your besties creating memories that will legit last a lifetime
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There’s something inherently special about creating with your own hands. It adds a personal touch, a unique essence that makes the final product even more meaningful. My bestie and I recently had the most incredible time at the new ring making workshop at Meirako Jewellery, and here’s a look inside!

With the help of the amazing instructor, we dove into the world of ring making. From choosing the design, shaping the metal, to soldering, every step was a mix of fun and learning. Seriously, these pros made it look easy!

When we finally finished our rings, it was like magic! Trying on these beauties was such a proud moment. They weren’t just rings; they were symbols of our friendship and the memories we made together.

If you’re looking for a unique experience that’ll bring you closer to your bestie, partner, or loved one – I totally recommend checking out Meirako Jewellery’s ring making workshop. Trust me, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

You can find Merirako Jewelry‘s exclusive ring making workshop located 10 minutes away from the South Edmonton in Nisku, AB.

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