Get Active: Beltline Intramurals


It’s getting cold outside and no longer can you go for a run without having to bundle up first or without the risk that it might rain or snow on you. At the same time, you don’t want to become a Netflix-binging couch potato all winter but you don’t want to fork over the drop in or monthly fees for an indoor workout at a fitness studio every day. Have you ever thought of playing recreational sports at an indoor gymnasium? It’s something a little different  that’s a fun way to get still gets you sweating and your heart pumping.

The Beltline Aquatic and Fitness Centre is offering just that – a chance to join in on the intramural fun. They offer basketball, volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, badminton and dodgeball – basically every sport your heart would desire to play. Intramural Sports Night runs from now until next summer so you don’t have to worry about the season only being a couple months – you can drop in all year.

Here are five more reasons why you should pop into the Beltline Aquatic and Fitness Centre for some intramural fun:

1. Meet New People

If you aren’t really into the whole online dating thing or just haven’t had any luck, face to face interaction is the way to go. You know they’re into being active, can work as a team and you can see if your competitive levels will work together. If you aren’t single, there is no reason why you can’t meet new friends. Friends with similar interests are usually the friendships that last the longest, plus you don’t have to worry about planning coffee dates, you already have a set night to go.

2. Try New Things

Maybe you really wanted to be on the basketball team in high school or have been thinking about trying out badminton, this is the perfect time to do it. It’s just for fun and you can’t be cut from the team. You can pick one or try them all.

3. Avoid the Gym

Sometimes lifting heavy things and then putting them back down can seem boring and tedious – switch things up with intramurals. You’ll be able to work on your endurance, cardio and hand-eye coordination. Plus, you’ll be having so much fun you will forget it’s a workout.

4. Support Local

Show the community some love by showing up to these events and activities that have been organized for you. Intramurals will get you in the community, playing with and competing against people in the city and afterwards you can hit up a local restaurant or pub.

5. Switch Up Date Night

Dinner and a movie is so cliche and can make your relationship feel stagnant. Joining an intramural team with your partner will spice things up and let you work up some friendly competition.

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