Get Banff’s Buffalo Mountain Lodge on Your Radar

View of the Rockies

In this fast world of filters and Photoshop, it’s sorta rare to find something that is even more beautiful in person than on your touchscreen. But on a recent babymoon to Alberta, my wife and I managed to do just that.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge is located in stunning Banff. 

It’s one of those spots that instantly makes you feel right at home. Similar to Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia, there is a certain warmth about this space. It’s a warmth that you usually don’t sense in hotels, and that’s something we deeply appreciated. 

The Cuddly Mountain Ambiance

According to my Mrs., our room “defined the word ‘cuddly.’” For me, it was all about how the mountain view added to the ambiance.

A nice and unique touch was the fireplace. It gave an extra coziness to the space. Full disclosure: the room was so comfortable, it made it hard to leave. So don’t expect a particularly adventurous account here.

The location itself was ideal for us, because it wasn’t right in the heart of downtown Banff. The fact that it is a little up the hill provided us with a sense of serenity. That’s something that you don’t get when you stay within the hustle and bustle.

(Not that “hustle and bustle” really exists in Banff. But coming from Toronto, you want to get awayyy from anything close.)

The Delicious Details

By now, you probably know that food is an important part of any trip I am on. The food at The Prow blew us away. And with food, we know, always comes booze. I love a good specialty cocktail. 

Their spin on the Old Fashioned? It was my go-to. El Dorado 15-year-old rum. Buffalo Trace bourbon. Mocha syrup. Bitters. F*cking great, mate.

The Inevitable Adventures

Also, for anyone who has ever visited the Canadian Rockies, you’re aware that there are a slew of amazing activities to do, depending on the season of course. 

We rented a e-bike from E-Kruise which was conveniently located on the grounds at the lodge, and fair warning, these suckers go very fast (0-25KM fast with a touch of a button). A great way to discover the area around you without worrying about finding parking. We took ours all the way up to the Banff Gondola! 

You can ski, snowboard and ice skate. You can even go dog-sledding. Or you can go white water rafting, hiking and canoeing. I’ll let you figure out which season you can do which.

Get this place on your radar. Buffalo Mountain Lodge. It’s away from the ordinary.

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