Get Home Safe with Checker Cabs

Enjoy the festivities and let Checker Cabs get you home safe.

Tis the season for holiday parties and corporate gatherings; for spiked eggnog, mulled wine and champagne. The holidays are a time that we all tend to let loose and celebrate with friends and fam – don’t get us wrong, we’re all in for a little bubbly or a second glass of wine, but we want to make sure you have a safe ride home. Good thing Checker Cabs is basically like family, they’re one of Calgary’s oldest brands – serving Calgary for 45 years! So they know a thing or two about getting everyone home safe during the holidays.




This year they’re getting extra festive and setting up a pop-up warming tent on Fridays throughout December to make it easy, safe and convenient for you to find a ride home. You know the drill all too well, you have had your fun and try and houdini from your friends because pizza sounds like a good idea only to be faced with a mob of party-goers trying to hail down a cab to get home. Checker Cabs has your back.  They will have a warm tent to wait in and a snack for you to enjoy while you wait for your ride in style. There will be a food truck giving away pizza slices, water, gatorade and hot chocolate – sounds like the real party is in the tent.


On Fridays throughout December, keep your eye out for the Checker Elves who will be offering up taxi chits to help get you home safe over the holidays while keeping your budget for holiday ‘nog in check. If you’re lucky, you’ll get picked up by a festive Santa Cab, decorated with some holiday bling carrying a trunk full of goodies to surprise and delight you with. Flag one down and see if you make the nice list.


Calgary has always relied on Checker Cabs, it’s the fabric of the city and we know we can count on them to get us home safe after one (or two) too many glasses of wine. This holiday season, and always, Checker wants to make sure no one gets behind the wheel so find a #CheckerCheer tent and get home safe.


Make a commitment to be responsible and get you and your pals home safe. Before you head out to your holiday party make sure you download the Checker Cabs app, it’s way easier than having to actually dial, or remember, a phone number.


This Friday you can find your Checker Cabs pop up on 17th Ave and 5th Street in the parking lot where Waves used to be and for the rest of the month the pop up can be found on 10th Ave next to your favourites; National, Craft and Briggs. Here is the Checker Cabs pop up schedule so you can be prepared:


December 8th – 17th Ave & 5th Street

December 15th – 10th Ave & 3rd Street

December 22nd – 17th Ave & 5th Street

December 29th – 10th Ave & 3rd Street




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