5 Reasons to Get Nude This Summer

We all hope that our date nights end with getting nude, and we want to share with you a few reasons why you should get Nude this summer, and it may not be what you think.

We all hope that our date nights end with getting nude, but with our favourite canned beverages keeping our fun and hydration fuelled all summer long, it won’t just be date nights we’re getting Nude for.

 Nude Beverages is a pioneer of Canadian ready-to-drink beverages. If you have strolled aimlessly through the chilled section of a western Canadian liquor store, or peered in the fridge of the health-conscious partier in your life, you have most definitely laid your eyes on the sleek, minimalist Nude cans. 

Why Get Nude?

With a goal of bringing a healthier, no-fuss –  but incredibly refreshing and delicious cocktails to the beverage market, Nude was born! Julius Makarewicz, their CEO/Founder, spent 4 years designing the brand, working with award-winning beverage developers to create the Nude vision, the perfect balance of fun, flavour and free of anything unnecessary. Inspiring a beverage movement all on it’s own, the popularity of sugar and sweetener-free beverages skyrocketed after Nude’s launch in 2017. 

Drinking a delicious refreshing drink is our favourite way to get nude this summer

The love story started with Vodka sodas, and has been slowly expanding ever since – to now offer a little something for everyone’s tastes and preferences! Gin sodas, tequila sodas and flavoured hard iced teas are now on their beloved product roster.

Don’t pick your go-to just yet though – just when you think you’ve chosen your fave flavour, they go ahead and drop a new feature taste that will change everything. The hype around their Mandarin and Watermelon flavours this summer are nothing to be underestimated, and each flavour on the line up seems to have a very loyal fan base. 

Nude Beverages started in Vancouver, but is now available across the country! Find out where you can get your hands on some Nudes here!

Whether you’re an OG Nude fan or need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you need to get Nude ASAP;

Ready to Drink.

Need we say more? The simply delicious drink is perfect for bringing to your barbecues, parties, beaches and park hangs all summer long, or looks super cute stocked up in your fridge as a little reminder to take refreshing moment to yourself. 


Seriously though. All products are made with a super clean alcohol base, contain only natural flavours and have just 100 calories and ZERO carbs per can! 


Resulting from the fact that these gems are made with 100% all-natural flavours, they are seriously delicious. No weird aftertaste or wondering what flavour it is supposed to be. The watermelon tastes like fresh watermelon, the lime is a bit sour and fresh. You can’t go wrong. 


We’re talking our favourite spirits, crisp soda and a little added flavour. Imagine a HOT summer’s day. You’re sitting on a beach by a lake listening to your favourite 90’s jams. You’re feeling a little parched and water just is NOT doing the trick anymore. You reach in your cooler and there, nestled in some ice is your favourite Nude flavour. The can is frosty and the first sip is just…heavenly. Name something more refreshing.

They Give Back.

As if we couldn’t love them anymore, we do. Animal Rescue is a HUGE part of what they do at Nude. A portion of all sales go to local animal welfare efforts, and they have donated $230K since 2017, and recently just launched their goal of getting to $1M by 2023! Let’s all get Nude and help them get there!

Get Nude this summer. You won’t regret it.

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