Have a Whale of a Time

Check out this whale-y impressive exhibit.

If it’s been a whale since you’ve been to Telus Spark (see what we did there?), now is your chance. The Whales|Tohorā Exhibit from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa has landed in Calgary, and it’s only here from January 20th to June 20th. This whale-y impressive exhibit is included in your admission fee to Telus Spark, so there is no reason not to check it out. Whales|Tohorā has been touring across North America for the last 10 years and Calgary is the last stop on our continent! As an added bonus you’ll learn a thing or two about the biggest mammals living in our oceans, key facts that you can use when you’re on your next Tinder date.

If you think there’s no whale you’ll be able to convince your bae to take you to Telus Spark, here’s 4 reasons why everyone needs to check out the exhibit:

Great Icebreaker

Did you know whales make different sounds to navigate, find food and communicate? Channel your inner Dory and demonstrate your ability to speak whale. We can’t guarantee you’ll get a second date, but if you do, you know they’re a keeper. The Whales|Tohorā exhibit will let you explore the diversity and biology of whales and learn everything you need to know about how whales speak and survive.

It’s Family Friendly

Bring your whole fam to Telus Spark. The exhibit is an immersive and interactive experience for all ages. Work together and build a dolphin: Use a touch-screen to build the ideal robotic dolphin then test it out. Make it a little family-friendly competition and see who can build the faster dolphin.

Girls Day Out

Gather the squad and head to Telus Spark after Sunday brunch and learn a few things about New Zealand and whales. Toast your mimosas to conservation efforts and the survival of these mystical animals. Plus, climbing inside a life-size model of a blue whale heart is a great conversation to have over drinks later.

Knowledge is Power

Learn about Māori culture and the indigenous people of New Zealand. Gain perspective on the ancestry and vast scale of these majestic beings with real-life skeletons and rare specimens. Stand beneath real whale skeletons and life-size whale models, including the 17.8m skeleton of a bull sperm whale. Expand your knowledge about Whale Riders and listen to the stories of the legends and heroes in the Māori culture.

Whale, whale, whale, we think we’ve got you hooked. Even without the whale puns, we promise you’ll be amazed when you step into the Whales|Tohorā exhibit. Visit sparkscience.ca to purchase your tickets.



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