Holiday Fun with Fam & Friends

Take a break and try some of these fun, festive activities!

The big day is almost here! With Christmas around the corner, it’s hard to keep your head down and get your work done when you know it’s almost the weekend. Everyone’s ready to hit the road and spend time with their family, friends and loved ones. Now we know you all LOVE seeing your families over the holidays, but everyone needs a distraction sometimes. If you need something to help break up the day and entertain a crowd, try some of these festive activities!

Bake Christmas Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like a plate full of shortbread, peanut brittle, gingerbread and countless flavours of homemade bark. We know that making cookies can be a lot of work, but what if you had five people helping make, bake and wash up?! Check out this ultimate list of 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes to let your mind run wild with sugary possibilities.

Play Board Games

Don’t let board games become ‘bored games.’ There is so much variety these days that you don’t have to pull out Monopoly or Risk from when you were 10 years old. Hit Walmart or Indigo on your way home this holiday and pick up a fun, interactive game for evenings around the table. What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity, Hedbanz and Speak Out are all great ways to unwind and relax while laughing up a storm with the crew.

Brew a Christmas Drink

Hot or cold, everyone needs to indulge in something ah-mazing during their Christmas holidays. Mulled wine, spiked eggnog, hot chocolate with baileys – the options are endless. Why not pick up some ingredients and try a new recipe this season – let Taste of Home dazzle you with 25 recipes better than your grandma’s.

Make Christmas Decorations

Well maybe you’re not a baking family, but how about crafting? Pick up some supplies to make Christmas decor this season, whether it’s for the walls or the tree. Michael’s has lots of pre-made packages with all the pieces ready to be assembled. Grab some of these with a bottle of wine for a night filled with creativity and laughter, or perhaps check out these cute popcorn ball ornaments for your tree!

Find Christmas Lights

Too many days packed into the house with close friends and family can sometimes start to feel a little crowded. Try taking a walk around the neighbourhood for a breath of fresh air and to find out who put up the best Christmas light display. Better yet, head to Confederation Park in the northwest or Airdrie’s Festival of Lights to see thousands of lights displayed in unique patterns.

Learn to Knit

Winter is the perfect season for you to finally learn how to knit or crochet – the work-in-progress sits on your lap and keeps you warm! If your mom, grandma, sister (anyone!) knows how to knit, take this opportunity to learn from the best. Perhaps there’s a group of you that was to learn but have no teacher. Enter Youtube.

Make Appies

No Christmas gathering is complete without some delicious, homemade appetizers, usually stuffed with cheese and dipped in a mouth-watering sauce. Be the hit of the party this year when you make a baked biscuit wreath dip, cranberry brie bites, Christmas queso or one of Delish’s phenomenal 67 Top Holiday Appetizers!

Merry Christmas Calgary!

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